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Love in Buddhism

Walpola Piyananda Thera

Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara, 1990

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Ven. Walpola Piyananda is the founder president and chief incumbent (abbot) of Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara, Los Angeles California. He has been in the sangha for over thirty five years. He received a B.A. (Honors) at Vidyalankara University, Sri Lanka, an M.A. at Calcutta University, India, in Chicago, Illinois, in 1984.

Ven. Piyananda was assistant lecturer at Vidyodaya and Columbo Universities in Sri Lanka from 1968 to 1972. He has been vice president of the Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern California since 1983 and has performed many services for Southeast Asian refugees in Los Angeles. Ven. Piyananda took an active part in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics as the elected Buddhist chaplain for the USC Olympic Village and Buddhist counsellor for the UCLA Olympic Village. He is a member of the board of directors of the College of Buddhist Studies, Los Angeles, and Chief organiser for the Houston Buddhist Vihara; he also is Chief Nayake Thera in America, and is Buddhist chaplain at UCLA. In addition to his many other accomplishments, he teaches dhamma and meditation to Buddhists and friends of Buddhism who join activities at Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara.


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