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NO AJAHNCHAH ---Reflections----
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185. The Buddha taught to lay down those things that lack a real abiding essence. If you lay everything g down you will see the truth. If you don’t \, you wont. That's the way it is. And when wisdom awakens within you, you will see truth wherever you look. Truth is all you'll see.

186. An "empty" heart doesn't mean it's empty as if there was nothing in it. It's empty of evil, but it's full of wisdom.

187. People don’t reflect on old age, sickness and death. They only like to talk about non-aging, non-sickness, and non-death, so they never develop the right feeling for Dhamma practice.

188. Most people's happiness depends on having things go to their liking. They have to have everybody in t he world say only pleasant things. Is that how you find happiness? Is it possible to have everybody in the world say only pleasant things? If that's how it is when will you ever find happiness?

189. Tree, mountains, and vine all live according to their own truth. They appear and die following their nature. They remain impassive. But not we people. We make a fuss over everything. Yet the body just follows it's own nature: it's born, grows old and eventually dies. It follows nature in this way. Whoever wishes it to otherwise suffer.

190. Don't go thinking that y learning a lot and knowing a lot you'll know the Dhamma. That's like saying you've seen everything there is to see just because you've got eyes, or that you've heard everything there is to hear just because you've got ears. You may see but you don’t fully see. You see only with the "outer eye." Not with the inner eye." You hear with the "outer ear," not with the "inner ear."

191. The Buddha taught us to give up all forms of evil and cultivate virtue. This is the right path. Teaching in this way is like the Buddha picking us up and placing us at the beginning of the path. Having reached the path, whether we walk along it or not is up to us. The Buddha's job is finished right there. HE shows us the way, that which is right and that, which is not right. This much is enough; the rest is up to us.

192. You must know the Dhamma for yourself. To know for yourself means to practice for yourself. You can depend on a teacher only fifty percent of the way. Even the teaching I have given you is completely useless in itself, even if it is worth hearing. But if you were to believe it all just because  I said so, you wouldn't be using the teaching properly. If you believed me completely, then you'd be foolish. To hear the teaching, see it's benefits, but it onto practice for yourself, see it within yourself… this is much more useful.

193. Sometime when doing walking meditation, a soft rain would start to fall and I'd want to quit and go inside, but then I'd think of the times I used to work in the rice paddies. My pant would be wet form the day before but I'd have to get up before dawn and put them on again. Then I'd have to go down below the house to get the buffalo out of its pen. It was so muddy in there. I'd grab its rope and it would be covers in buffalo's tail would swish around and spatter me with dung on top of that. My feet would be sore with athlete's foot and I'd walk along thinking. "Why ids life so miserable?" And now here I was wanting to stop my walking meditation…what a little bit of rain to me? Thinking like that I encouraged myself in the practice.

194. I don’t know who to talk about it. We talk about things to be developed and things to give up, but there's really nothing to develop, nothing to give up.

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The first page  | Introduction  | I.Birth and Death | II.Body III.Breath  |  V.Dhamma 
 V.Heart and Mind  | VI.Impermanence  | VII.Kamma  | VIII.Meditation PractiseIX.Non-Self
X.Peace XI.Suffering  |  XII.Teacher  |  XIII.Understanding and Wisdom XIV.Virtue 
XV.Miscellaneous  |  Invitation  |  Glossary 
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