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by Systran
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NO AJAHN CHAH : Reflections 
Introduction | I.Birth and Death | II.Body | III.Breath | IV.Dhamma | V.Heart and Mind |
VI.ImpermanenceVII.Kamma | VIII.Meditation Practise | IX.Non-Self | X.Peace | XI.Suffering |
 XII.Teacher | XIII.Understanding and Wisdom | XIV.Virtue | XV.Miscellaneous | Invitation | Glossary

11. If the body could talk, it would be telling us all day long, "You're not my owner, you know. "Actually it's telling it to us all the time, but it's Dhamma language, so we 're unable to understand it.

12. Conditions don’t belong to us. They follow their own natural course. We can't do anything about the way the body is .We can beautify it a little, make it look attractive and clean for a while, like the young girl who paint their lips and let their nail grow long, but when old age arrives, everyone is in the same boat. That is he way the body is. We can't make it any other way. But, what we make improve and beautify is the mind.

13.if our body really belonged to us, it would obey our commands. If we say" Don't get old," or I forbid you to get sick," does it obey us?  No! It's take no notice, We only rent this "house", not own it. If we have to leave it. But in reality, there is no such thing as a permanent self, nothing unchanging or solid that we can hold on to.

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