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NO AJAHN CHAH : Reflections 
Introduction | I.Birth and Death | II.Body | III.Breath | IV.Dhamma | V.Heart and Mind |
VI.ImpermanenceVII.Kamma | VIII.Meditation Practise | IX.Non-Self | X.Peace | XI.Suffering |
 XII.Teacher | XIII.Understanding and Wisdom | XIV.Virtue | XV.Miscellaneous | Invitation | Glossary

1.  A good practice is to ask yourself very sincerely, "Why was I born?" Ask yourself this question in the morning , in the afternoon, and at night…every day.

2.  Our birth and death are just one thing. You can't have one without the other .It's a little funny to see how at a death people are so tearful and sad, and at a birth how happy and delighted. It's delusion .I think if you really want to cry. Then it would be better to do so when someone born. Cry at the root, for if there were no birth, there would be no death. Can you understand this?

3. You'd think that people could appreciate what it would be like to live in a person's belly. How uncomfortable that would be! Just look at how merely staying in a  hut for  only one day is  already hard to take. You shut all the doors and windows and you're suffocating already. How would it be to lie in a  person's belly for nine months? Yet you want to be born again! You know it wouldn't be comfortable in there, and yet you want to sick your head right in there, to put your neck in the noose once again.

4. Why are we born? We are born so that we will not have to be born again.

5.  When one does not understand death, life can be very confusing.

6. The Buddha told  his disciple Ananda to see impermanence, to see  death with every breath . We must know death; we must  die in order to live. What does this mean? To die is to come to the end  of all our doubt , all our question, and just be here  with the present reality. You can never die tomorrow; you must die now. Can you do it? If  you can do it, you will know the peace of no more questions.

7.Death is as close as our breath.

8. If you trained properly, you wouldn't feel frightened when you fall sick, nor upset when someone dies. When you go into the hospital for treatment, determine in your mind that if you get better, that's fine, and that if you die, that's fine, too. I guarantee you that if the doctors told me I had cancer and was going to die in a few months. I'd remind the doctors, " Watch out, because death is coming to get   you, too. It's just a question of who goes first and who goes later. " Doctors are not going to cure death or prevent death. Only the Buddha was such a doctor, so why not go ahead and use the Buddha's medicine?

9.If you're afraid of illnesses, if you are afraid of death, then you should contemplate where they com from?
Where do they come from? They arise from birth. So don’t be sad when someone dies, it's just nature, and his suffering in this life is over. If you want to be sad, be sad when people are born: Oh. No, they 've come again. They 're going to suffer and die again!"

10. The "one Who Knows" clearly knows that all conditioned phenomena are unsubstantial. So this "One Who Knows" does not become happy or sad, for it does not follow changing conditions. To become glad , is to be born; to becomes dejected, is to die. Having died, we are born again ; having been born . we die again . This birth and death from one moment to the next is the endless spinning wheel of samsara.

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