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NO AJAHN CHAH : Reflections 
Introduction | I.Birth and Death | II.Body | III.Breath | IV.Dhamma | V.Heart and Mind |
VI.ImpermanenceVII.Kamma | VIII.Meditation Practise | IX.Non-Self | X.Peace | XI.Suffering |
 XII.Teacher | XIII.Understanding and Wisdom | XIV.Virtue | XV.Miscellaneous | Invitation | Glossary

Complied & Edited by Dhamma garden. Offer the gift of Dhamma to others as freely as it has been offered to you.
Following the wish of Ajahn Chah that his Dhamma teachings not be sold in any way or form, for free distribution only.

Once there was a layman who came to Ajahn Chah and asked him who Ajahn Chah was. Ajahn Chah, seeing that the spiritual development of the individual was not very advanced, point to himself and said," This , this is Ajahn Chah."

On another occasion, someone else asked Ajahn  Chah the same question. This time, however, seeing that the questioner's capacity to understand the Dhamma was higher, Ajahn Chah  answered by saying ,"Ajahn Chan? There is No Ajahn Chah."

The quotations in this collection have been taken from Bodhinyana, A taste of  freedom, As still Forest Pool, Samadhibhavana, Seeing the Way, Living Dhamma, Food for the heart, and Venerable Father, A life with Ajahn Chah. Some quotations come from a personal collection hitherto unpublished.

Table of Contents
Introduction VI. Impermanence XII. Teacher
I. Birth and Death VII. Kamma XIII. Understanding and Wisdom
II. Body VIII. Meditation Practice XIV. Virtue
III. Breath IX. Non-Self XV. Miscellaneous
IV. Dhamma X. Peace Invitation
V. Heart and Mind XI. Suffering Glossary

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Webmaster message: May i devote the merit of Breath One life webpages to my belove father and all soul. Breath One life is the personal webpage which made in the faith and believe in Dhamma of Buddha and our teacher ; Luang Poo Budha Isara , Venerable Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Chai Na Pol. Not to be sold in any way or form. All the revenue that get from the sponsors is donated to the Buddhism charity and/or poor students in Thailand.
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