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 NO AJAHNCHAH ---Reflections----
The first page  | Introduction  | I.Birth and DeathII.Body III.Breath  |  IV.Dhamma 
 V.Heart and Mind  | VI.Impermanence  |  VII.Kamma  | VIII.Meditation PractiseIX.Non-Self
X.Peace XI.Suffering  |  XII.Teacher  |  XIII.Understanding and Wisdom XIV.Virtue 
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125. You are your own teacher. Looking for teachers can't solve your own doubts. Investigate yourself to find the truth inside, not outside. Knowing yourself is most important.

126. One of my teachers ate very fast, He made noises  as he ate. Yet he told us to eat slowly and mindfully. I used to watch him and get very upset. I suffered, but he didn't ! I watched the outside. Later I learned ; some people drive very fast but carefully; others drive slowly and have many accidents. Don’t  cling to rules, to outer form. If you watch others at most ten percent of the time, your practice is okey.

127. Disciples are hard  to teach. Some know but don’t bother to practice. Some don’t know and don’t try to find out. I don’t know what to do with them. Why  is it humans have  minds lie this>  Being ignorant not  good, but even if I tell them, they still don’t listen. People are so full of doubts in their practice. They're alway doubting. They want to go to nibbana but they don’t want to walk to path. It's baffling. When I tell them to meditate , they're afraid, and if not afraid, then just plain sleepy. Mostly they like to do the things I don’t teach. This is the pain of being a teacher. 

128. If we could see the truth of the Buddha's teaching so easily, we wouldn't need so many teachers. When  we understand the teachings, we just do what is required of us. But what makes people so difficult to teach is that they don’t accept the teaching and ague with the teachers and the teachings. In front of the teacher they behave a little better, but behind his back hey become thieves! People are really difficult to teach.

129. I don’t teach my disciples to live and practice heedlessly. But that's what they do when I'm not around. When the policeman is around. The thieves behave themselves. When he asked if there are any thieves around, of course they all say there aren't, that they've never seen any. But as soon as the policeman's gone, they're at it again. It was like that even in the Buddha's time. So just watch yourself and don’t be concerned with what others do. 

130. True teachers speak only of the difficult practice of giving up or getting rid of the self. Whatever may happen, do not abandon the teacher. Let him guide you, because it is easy to forget the Path.

131. Your doubts about your teacher can help you. Take from your teacher what is good, and be aware of your own practice. Wisdom is yourself to watch and develop.

132. Don’t just believe in the teacher because he says a fruit is sweet and delicious. Taste it for yourself and then all the doubt will be over.

133. Teachers are those who point out the direction of the Path. After listening to the teacher, whether or not we walk the Path by practicing ourselves, and thereby reap the fruits of practice, is strictly up to each one of us.

134. Sometimes teaching is hard work. A teacher is like a garbage can that people throw heir frustrations and problems into. The more people you teach, the bigger the garbage disposal problems. But teaching is a wonderful way to practice Dhamma. Those who teach grow in patience and in understanding.

135. A teacher cannot really clear up our difficulties. He is just a source to investigate the Path. He can't make it  clear. Actually what he says is not worth listening to. The Buddha never praised believing in others. We must believe ourselves. This is difficult, yes but that's really how it is. We look outside but never really see. We have to  decide to really practice. Doubts don’t disappear by asking others, but through our own unending practice.

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The first page  | Introduction  | I.Birth and Death | II.Body III.Breath  |  IV.Dhamma 
 V.Heart and Mind  | VI.Impermanence  |  VII.Kamma  | VIII.Meditation PractiseIX.Non-Self
X.Peace XI.Suffering  |  XII.Teacher  |  XIII.Understanding and Wisdom XIV.Virtue 
XV.Miscellaneous  |  Invitation  |  Glossary 
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