Messages of Truth from Suan Mokkh

Ajarn Buddhadāsa originally dictated these articles back in 1988 as a series of pamphlets for the “Buddha-Dhamma Buddhadāsa Week” at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. This large exhibition was organized by Ajarn Runjuan Indarakamhaeng, a nun & leading student of Ajarn Buddhadasa who lived at Suan Mokkh for many years, and her students in Bangkok. These were later translated into English by a team of translators from Chulalongkorn University and printed both as individual pamphlets and collected in a book. In the process of revising the book, I am adding the latest versions of these articles to the website. 

In these "Messages," Tan Ajarn tries to get across some of the basics that he thought could help city people to start understanding Buddhism correctly and practically, starting with a dose of common sense morality. Dhammic education -- rather than the "stunted dog" sort we generally find these days -- is a theme running throughout the series.

The six articles available here are:

A Single Bowl of Sauce Solves All the World’s Problems

Help, Kalama Sutta, Help Us!

Kamma in Buddhism

Nibbana for Everyone

Please, Let's All Be Buddhadasas

Education Critique


The book is being reissued this year by various Thai Wats in the USA and I have edited them anew for this purpose. For those living in the Western hemisphere and from, the book can be obtained from:

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while for those living in the Eastern hemisphere can contact:

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