radiance of paa shine forth. The more illuminating the radiance of paa, the stronger saddha becomes. The more the radiance of paa shines forth, the more clear the mind becomes. As saddha increases, vriya develops. As vriya increases, sati develops. And sati increases, samdhi develops. As samdhi increases, pa?a develops, as well. Beginning with saddha, they all increase once again. They turn just like a wheel. That is called the "dhammacakka-dhammachakra".

Sons and daughters of the Buddha must strive to keep the controlling faculties turning in ourselves. It is as a reminder, a wake-up call, "May you be able to strive!", that Sayadaw has this used as the emblem of the Panditrma Shwe Taung Gon Ssana Yeiktha. People make all sorts of emblems according to their taste. Sayadaw devised this emblem to illustrate the meaning of the word "dhammacakka-dhammachakra".

With this emblem, Sayadaw wants to urge us to please:

  • Strive to make our sla pure.
  • Strive with saddh to clear the mind.
  • Strive with vriya to make our mind courageous.
  • Strive with sati not to accept kiless into the mind.
  • Strive with samdhi to make the mind steady and serene.
  • Strive with paa to illuminate the mind.

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