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Welcome to a Thai interpretation of the Tibetan Wheel that explains the Buddha Gotama's teaching of Dependent Origination! The discourse here comes from Ven. Ajahn Sanong Katapunnyo of Wat Sanghathan. His teachings were presented most attractively on a calendar for the year 2536 (1993AD). It has been translated into English by Fuengsin Trafford and Simon Romer, a Tibetan Buddhist of the Kagyu School.
The Wat has a branch in the UK, which has its own Web site.

The calendar is very colourful and so I have tried to include in the HTML transcription as much detail as possible. In order to save file space, I have used JPEG compression on the images. I hope you can download and display these successfully. Please let me know if you cannot by emailing - see contact details.

Finally, the calendar came with the following blessing:

May all who are virtuous and possess good qualities remain virtuous and of good qualities. May they have good thoughts, good actions, mindfulness and wisdom. May all of our goodness remain and increase throughout the New Year.

Everyone should strive to do good for oneself, one's society, one's relatives and should be prepared to be self-sacrificing. Such behaviour is considered to bring good fortune throughout the year.

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