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On the making of this calendar which illustrates Paticcasamuppada (Dependent Origination)

Dependent Origination is a wonderful Dhamma which is not expounded in other religions. Only the Buddha was enlightened in the principle of this Dhamma which leads people away from Samsara (the Cycle of Existence). His teaching makes people wise, does not rely on blind faith and allows people to base their judgements according to the laws of Kamma (volitional action). The teaching is therefore convincing.

So, for this New Year I would like to create a refuge for Buddhists, for people who already possess the wisdom eyes and have the tendency to understand the subtle and profound truth of the Buddha. Buddhists should study deep principles such as Dependent Origination, which is the core of the teaching, in order to gain wisdom and the Cessation of Suffering. In Buddhism, one who can understand this Dhamma is regarded as having wisdom and being close to the Triple Gem (The Buddha, The Dhamma and The Sangha).

Dependent Origination can be studied by people of all nationalities and faiths. Dhamma is neutral; it is the Truth and deals with the mind. The whole process of Kamma is complete with its root cause and its associated effects. It can be studied, understood and practised with immediate result. This Dhamma was born in the Buddha's mind and is also in the mind of each of us. He discovered it and expounded it to others and it is the Cycle of Existence which we should study.

The production of this calendar based on Dependent Origination is intended to make people see, read and understand the topic easily. Those who become interested must try to penetrate its meaning. It is like digging for oil which is kilometres deep - it has to be done for the greater benefit, and the deeper the better. The people who want it must keep on searching until it is found. Eventually, the virtuous people who are capable of understanding the teaching will benefit from it.

Making this calendar produces The Tipitaka (The Three Baskets) for others to read and this is regarded as giving the Dhamma as a gift. When the readers gain wisdom, it will be of great merit in the future when finally they use the wisdom in order to end suffering. Therefore everything depends on wisdom in order to enter the Noble Path and to gain its Fruition.

- Ven Ajan Sanong Katapunnyo, Wat Sangthathan, Thailand

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