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The First Circle

Inner Circle of pig, snake and cock
  1. A pig is a deluded animal who eats without any consideration that everything is element, just element, nothing more. He signifies one who lacks mindfulness in the contemplation of the 4 postures - eating, walking, sitting and lying down. As a result, there appears the idea of Self in opposition to others. At the same time, the process of body and mind continues.

    Vijja means One who knows, the Awakened One, one who is full of bliss and continuously mindful of the 4 postures (eating, walking, sitting and lying down), of speaking, and of thinking, one who realises that body and mind are only element, not Self.

  2. A snake is a poisonous animal who bites and kills his enemies with venom. This signifies vindictiveness, so he stands for anger (Dosa).

  3. A cock is an animal who is full of vanity and likes to show off his beauty. He also thinks that he is virtuous in every respect. So he represents delusion (Moha).
      The three animals bite one another so that they are linked together in a circular chain. This illustrates the rising and falling of consciousness (Jitta). The continuation creates Kamma, which is followed by Vipaka (result) of happiness and suffering due to greed, hatred and delusion. Only the Buddha (Vijja) is able to destroy the defilements.

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