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The Second Circle

Second Circle
Black Dhamma, White Dhamma

Black Dhamma
is the Kamma which is caused by Ignorance (Avijja) and is a continuous delusion. One who is in the sphere of Black Kamma is like one who walks at night, clothed only in darkness, dirty and useless.
White Dhamma
is the good Kamma which is under the influence of the Buddha (Transcendental wisdom (Vijja) or the one who knows). One who is ethical lives in the sphere of light, clean and pure.
Black Kamma
Acting in an evil way results in evil = Black Kamma = an unskilful action leading to hell: for example, the mind which is depressed, anxious, unwise or stupid.
White Kamma
Acting in a good way results in good = White Kamma = a skilful action leading to the destination of happiness: for example, the mind which is bright, calm, cool and wise.

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