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The Third Circle

the 5 scenes of the third circle (surrounding the two inner circles)

This Circle is connected with the Second one. In the first three stages, at the beginning, a person who has transcendental wisdom creates various good actions and gains the related results:
  1. Having taken and maintained 5 precepts, a human mind is obtained for the next rebirth. Keeping the precepts and practising meditation will lead to heaven. When the mind is cheerful and bright, it has the same quality as the mind of a celestial being.
  2. More mental development and keeping of precepts retain the mind in heaven and transform it into the mind of a celestial being.
  3. After more meditation practices, the mind develops a high level of absorption (Jhana) and automatically has the same quality as the mind of a divine being - of the formed sphere or of the formless sphere. (Brahma god who has Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (sympathetic joy) and Upekkha (equanimity).)

The results of bad Kamma are Rebirths in woeful states as follows:- - A description of a human mind where there is the continuity of greed, hatred and delusion.

  1. An illustration of the plane of hell beings. The mind that enters hell represents an angry mind, full of vindictiveness.
  2. A scene of the world of hungry ghosts (Peta) where human mind becomes the mind of a hungry ghost because of greed, craving for other people's belongings.
  3. A description (or picture) of the animal plane. The animal mind is a mind which, lacking mindfulness, is under the power of delusion and can rapidly lower its capacity. The mind is at a very low level and can sink into deeper and deeper hells according to its state. It is being controlled by greed, hatred and delusion and will be overcome by suffering until the end of his or her life. Thus the Buddha (Vijja or Transcendental wisdom) cannot appear. Only the one who has recollection of Him can escape from the hells and enter a higher realm.

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