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    Title: Ox Herding at Morgan's Bay NT$100

    Author: Chan Master Sheng-Yen

    47 pages

    1998 Dharma Drum Publications

    Printed in USA


    Master Sheng-yen is a teacher of Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism. He has received transmission in the two major branches of Ch'an: the Lin-chi (Rinzai) and Ts'ao-tung (Soto) schools. At present, Master Shengyen divides his time between New York City, where he is the Resident Teacher at the Ch'an Meditation Center, and Taipei, Taiwan, where he is the abbot of two monasteries.

    "The Ten ox Herding Pictures provide an analogy to help explain the process of Ch'an practice. The ever-watchful, ever-patient ox herder is a model for Ch'an practitioners, who should constantly watch their minds of vexation...."


    Ox Herding at Morgan's Bay is a. series of lectures given by Master Sheng-yen during a week-long retreat at a Zen community in Surry, Maine. The lectures are not a scholarly interpretation of the pictures. Rather, they are improvised, informal talks meant to help practitioners cope with obstacles & situations that arise in their practice during retreat. The Ten Ox Herding Pictures serve as an inspiration for Master Sheng-yen's words of advice and encouragement. These talks are helpful for anyone who meditates, whether he/she attends retreats or not.

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