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9 Poems by Dogen

Mountain Seclusion-

I won't even stop
at the valley's brook
for fear that
my shadow
may flow into the world.

Bowing Formally-

A snowy heron
on the snowfield
where winter grass is unseen
hides itself
in its own figure.

Viewing Peach Blossoms and Realizing the Way

In spring wind
peach blossoms
begin to come apart.
Doubts do not grow
branches and leaves.

On Nondependence of Mind

Water birds
going and coming
their traces disappear
but they never
forget their path.

The Body Born Before the Parents

The village I finally reach
deeper than the deep mountains
the capital
were I used to live!

On the Treasury of the True Dharma Eye

Waves recede.
Not even the wind ties up
a small abandoned boat.
the moon is a clear
mark of midnight.

Waka Poems:

Awake or asleep
in a grass hut,
what I pray for is
to bring others across
before myself.

Although this ignorant self
may never become a buddha
I vow to bring
others across
because I am a monk.

How august!
Studying the old words
of the Seven Buddhas
you pass beyond
the six realms.