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Great Parinirvana

Manifesting Stillness

Long Beach Monastery

Ceremony for Placement in the Casket
Memorial Ceremony
Respectfully Sending the Ven. Master off to CTTB
Final Ceremonies

City of Ten
Thousand Buddhas

Respectfully Welcoming the Ven. Master
Great Nirvana Hall
Final Ceremonies
Memorial Ceremony
Cremation Ceremony
Ritual of Scattering the Ashes
Viewing the Sharira
Silent Praises

Memorial Ceremonies Abroad

Canada and Malaysia
Taiwan and
Hong Kong

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas - Silent Praises

Silent praises

During the Memorial Ceremony, silent praises from Buddhists all over the world adorn the sides of the canopy outside the Buddha Hall.

Silent praises

Some spoke of the Master's kindness in rescuing and transforming living beings, others spoke of the Master's return to the Western Pure Land, and still others earnestly requested the Venerable Master to come back riding on his vows.

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