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A Road of Hardship


His Work

Building the Foundation of Buddhism in America
Translating the Buddhist Canon
Promoting Education

Dharma Affinities

Elder Master Guang Qin
Ven. Bhante Dharmawara and Ajahn Sumedo
Cardinal Yubin and
Father Rogers

Teaching and Protecting
All Nations

U.S. Officials
Officials from Abroad

Introduction: A Road of Hardship

With the founding of a new American Sangha, the Master was then ready to embark on an incredible building program for American Buddhism. The Venerable Master has explained that his life's work lay in three main areas:

  1. bringing the true and proper teachings of the Buddha to the West and establishing a proper monastic community of fully ordained monks and nuns (Sangha) here;

  2. organizing and supporting the translation of the entire Buddhist canon into English and other Western languages; and

  3. promoting wholesome education through the establishment of schools and universities.

Except from an article by Ron Epstein (Guorong),
p. 62, "In Memory of Ven. Master Hua, Vol. I"

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