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Still Thoughts

Confidence, Perseverance and Courage

Speech by Master Cheng Yen
Object: Teachers
Translator:Sonyuan Lin/Jaimie Russo, Boston, MA
April 2, 2000
Chinese version

The Buddha said that one of the eight sufferings in this world is when you cannot get what you desire. Since you cannot always get what you want, why should you keep want things? Trying too hard to satisfy your desires only brings suffering, so you do not need to ask for success in everything. What you really need are perseverance and courage, which are the most important things in life. Tzu Chi has endured more than thirty years because of perseverance and courage. Not only I myself, but also all Tzu Chi members must have perseverance and courage. There is a well-known saying in Tzu Chi: "The women work like men, and the men work like supermen." This is what perseverance and courage mean.

Born as human beings in this world, we cannot get away from our responsibilities. We should not fear heavy burdens and responsibilities, but instead should ask for more strength. It is true that nothing in this world is difficult if we have the strength and ability. I have always kept a positive attitude. I feel that if we work together, there is no rock that we cannot turn or mountain that we cannot move. So we must always be confident.

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