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An Online Introduction to Pure Land Buddhism

Amitabha ScrollWelcome to the Amitabha Web site. This site is designed to introduce English-speaking people to the Pure Land school of Buddhism -- the largest school of Buddhism in East Asia, but one that has received little attention up to now in the West.

Interesting things you'll find at this site include:

  • Sutras and commentaries that can help you learn about the teachings of the Pure Land School. Some Sutras and commentaries, such as the Amitabha Sutra and various works by teachers of Buddhism -- are presented in full. Longer texts -- such as The Infinite Life Sutra and the Contemplation Sutra -- are presented in excerpt or summary form. To help you track down the full texts of works that are not presented in full in these pages, we've provided a list of Pure Land Learning Centers where more publications can be found, plus addresses and Internet addresses of publishers of Buddhist materials and a comprehensive Bibliography.

  • Lectures, articles, and and excerpts of articles written by Pure Land Masters including Master Chin Kung, Professor Li Ping-Nan, and Pure Land Patriarch Yin Guang.

  • Articles explaining the fundamentals of Buddhism. Understanding Buddhism , a basic text by Master Chin Kung, is currently being translated into English and is being published in these chapter by chapter, as translation continues. If you're new to Pure Land Buddhism, also be sure to read the page titled "The Pure Land."

  • Chants, recitations, and prayers that are often used in Pure Land Buddhism (see the page titled "Chants and Recitations.") You can download and play a Namo Amitabha ("Praise to Amitabha") chant by clicking the blue Sound button near the top of the left-hand column on this page.

This is an independent site. Although its author is a student of Pure Land Buddhism, it is not affiliated with any organization, institution, or commercial endeavor. Many of the texts presented on this site were originally published by (and are available from) The Amitabha Buddhist Society; The Buddha Educational Foundation in Taipei, Taiwan; and the Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation in Taipei. Other materials that are presented or referred to in these pages were originally published by the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association; the Numata Center (http://www.slip.net/~numata); and other Buddhist organizations. For more details on these organizations, see the Pure Land Centers page and the Glossary.

Like most Web sites, this site is in a constant state of construction. Additions and corrections are constantly being made, and new material is constantly being added.

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Material provided on this site is intended to be distributed freely.
However, it is not to be altered without permission, and it is not to be sold.

Please send comments to webmaster@amitabha.com .

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