Getting Your Forgiveness Agenda

You will need to make a list of people and events for which you need to use the Forgiveness Processes.

Various strategies can help you to get this information. Your list may come from:

(i) your own conscious knowledge of sources of pain, tension, disease, or repetitive patterns in your life that disappoint you. The questionnaire can help you with this.
(ii) the kind of language you use (eg. "so and so is a pain in the neck to me" ...) There are very many phrases like that in everyday use, and they can often refer accurately to the place in the body where there is stress as a result of unhealed resentment).
(iii) Biofeedback, either by instruments, or more easily by muscle response testing, which tells you how your body and nervous system react as you think of different people from your life story.
(iv) Other methods of exploring your unconscious by methods involving regression and/or emotional release. Examples are hypnosis, rebirthing, psychodrama, gestalt work, neurolinguistic programming, primal scream therapy, various kind of bodywork, especially bioenergetic body work, Well Springs alignment to music, holographic breathing, transactional analysis etc. The important thing with all these is to know how to apply the forgiveness process quickly to any material that emerges, not to remain caught up on the emotional plane.

Start making your list now! Do it joyfully, looking forward to the time when your emotional and mental household will be quite cleaned up and purified of toxic thoughts and feelings. There is actually no need or requirement to feel miserable as you do this search for what needs to be healed; why not do it with joy and self-nurturance?

How can you know if, and for what, you need to use the forgiveness process?


Here is a questionnaire others have found helpful to help you locate sources of unhealed resentments still in your system. Start by ticking off in pencil (then you can erase and reuse) any of the following that you are aware of, and be honest with yourself, for only facing the truth with love will make you free.

Occasions for applying the Forgiveness Process


Can you recall:

Any broken or shaky relationships.

Resentments, humiliations etc.

Sources of pain, burden, distress, discomfort, reduced vitality, dis-ease, in your life as you think about them now,....or...

  as you experience similar situations in the present,....or....

as you contemplate similar situations in the future.

Times when other people disappointed you - "let you down". Who? When? What happened?

Recurring patterns in your life that never did or don't work for you now.

Feeling tense and stressed after being with, or thinking about, certain people - (ESPECIALLY for events involving those close to you or with whom you work, daily, to close the day "in the clear" and improve your sleep quality).

Not feeling free with respect to a particular person or persons.

Still feeling bad about someone who left you, died or committed suicide.


Are there certain life situations that bother you:-

"things" .....  allergies(?) ... organisations

pornography... pollution....

nuclear threats.... crime... land mines

 "chemicals"... certain kinds of music

i.e. the people you believe are responsible for the above:



doctors........  hospitals.....  nurses..... midwives....

other health professionals.... counsellors (psycho)therapists



politicians.... governments...

certain nations... certain other races...

other political parties..... multinational corporations...

  drug pushers.. arms dealers



Religious traumas and spiritual abuse: -

Church organisations... priests... nuns...

  Even "God" or Life itself (or at least your/their images of "God" - "How could God allow that to happen?") Surprisingly, many examples of this have been seen, even for people who have regarded themselves as quite spiritual, or as dedicated church members or staff.


In the family - irritations about your:

  parents, grandparents,   aunts and uncles,

  brothers sisters   children,

about those with addictions  infidelity,

Differences over Use of time money,   sex,

parenting methods authority


At work: -

office, factory,  shop, clinic , other

Differences over communication,  negotiations,

Problems with "difficult" clients,  patients,

 customers, or resentment of your competitors.


Education, your own or others:-

Problems or educational abuse

teachers , pre-school, primary, secondary,

tertiary,    university, polytechnic, medical school,

workshop leaders...etc.....


Did you ever feel:

 As a child: "You ought to have given me permission to...." (leading to depression later on?) (who was it or is it now?)

 "You ought to have approved of me and not hurt me...." (who was it or is it now?)

 As an adult: "You ought to have done x instead of y!" (who was it or is it now?)

 "Things that give me tension (politicians, noise, the nuclear arms race, pollution, generalities....etc.) get at me so much I feel helpless in the face of them."

or: "....they make me so angry!" (who was it or is it now?)

 "You should agree with me!" (who was it or is it now?)

 "You should see through the same hole in the strainer that I'm looking through!" (not being able to tolerate those who differ from you in their religion, politics, outlook on life or how to be healthy, etc.) (who was it or is it now?)

 "You should climb the mountain by the same path I'm using, (it would be so good for you!)" (who was it or is it now?)

 "If only you loved me you would know what I need and I wouldn't have to tell you, you would just read my mind perfectly." (who was it or is it now?)

"You don't love me any more, you......!" (who was it or is it now?)

"You're trying to hurt me!" (who was it or is it now?)

"Can't you see what you're doing to me!"(who was it or is it now?)

"You make me feel bad!" (who was it or is it now?)


Do you find yourself saying/thinking metaphors like:-

"If only so-and-so would get off my back!" (who was it or is it now?)

"It/you/they... make me sick and tired...angry...fed up..etc." (who was it or is it now?)

"He/she/they...are a pain, (in the neck, butt, arse, etc....)" (who was it or is it now?)

"I get all churned up when you/they/she/he do...." (who was it or is it now?)

"I can't take, stand, or swallow that..." (who was it or is it now?)

"I'm so pissed off that.." (who was it or is it now?)

"It eats me up that.." (who was it or is it now?)

"It's getting me down that..." (who was it or is it now?)

"People must know that..." (who was it or is it now?)

"People should....." (who was it or is it now?)

"My son/daughter/wife/husband/teacher/mother/father, etc., is/are a problem to me. If only they would...... (who was it or is it now?)

"I'm broken-hearted about..." (who was it or is it now?)

"I'm so uptight about..." (who was it or is it now?)

 "I can't get through to... there's a barrier between us" (who was it or is it now?)

"My heart sinks when I hear that so-and-so is coming" (who was it or is it now?)

"I prefer to avoid so-and-so" (who was it or is it now?)

Sentences with the words "should, ought, never, always..."


Muscle Response Testing - biological feedback.

Another way you can find out who you need to forgive (and whether you have completely forgiven someone after using the forgiveness process), is to use the natural biofeedback your own body can give you. Biofeedback instruments use the fact that the body changes its skin resistance, muscle tone, brain waves, and skin surface temperature when different thoughts/images pass through the mind and brain. Good results can also be obtained much more simply and cheaply in practise using muscle response testing.

While it looks simple, this is actually quite sophisticated and can give you a complete "read-out" of the forgiveness agenda any particular body is carrying. If you are new to body-mind medicine or if it seems too confusing to you, I suggest you do not get involved with muscle response testing right now, at the beginning of your studies into forgiveness. Just use the questionnaire method, above. But ... if you are interested and willing enough to do some serious study into this area, it is really fascinating and offers a wonderful tool for integrating body, emotions, mind and soul.

The difficulty here on the website is that it is much easier to demonstrate muscle response testing than to describe it satisfactorily in words alone. I include it here, however as some of you may want to know how to go further in this matter.

The power of an indicator muscle varies as you think of certain people or situations. This is not new. People who are depressed with negative thoughts have a characteristically slumped posture. Athletes who are in personal crisis may not perform so well on that day. This phenomenon can be used to give you a "read-out" of how much you are currently blocking the flow of vital force (love, life energy, or goodwill energy streams) with respect to various thoughts and memory-images, even if the event(s) being recalled happened a long time ago. Your body can give you much information about what is in your system, even if you are usually unconscious of it.

Muscle Response testing is a valuable tool which can be used to help clear the debris of past unhappiness and disappointment quickly so that you no longer damage your body or relationships with unconsciously held negative memory traces and mind-sets.

I must admit that in a Forgiveness workshop setting you would more easily to be able to be coached in the skill of finding out how images affect your energy and strength. You could experience directly the effect upon your body of thinking critically of another (or yourself). You could more easily see and experience how energy flows. You could see it demonstrated how it is unloving and weakening to yourself to harbour critical thoughts of yourself or another, how holding critical thoughts of others or self diminishes your available energy, as well as theirs. From these demonstrations we get a strong impression of how harbouring a negative perception of oneself or another, in some way actually reduces the flow of love and life energy available to you from your inner Source, or Higher Self.

Is this a basic law of nature? Our ancestors chose the words "negative" and "positive" to describe certain mental attitudes and emotions. Why? "Negative" means "minus" or subtracting. "Positive" means "plus" or adding. In the same way that darkness is the absence of light, not an active something to fear in its own right, what we call "hate" (or its milder euphemisms like "resentment") may really be better understood as blocked, subtracted, or insufficient love rather than an active negative force. Just as light dispels darkness, a "positive" quality always displaces a "negative" one.

You are invited to research muscle response testing for yourself in the best of all laboratories, - yourself and your own life.

Here is information about the muscle testing procedure, and some resources for understanding it better:-

Have a person whom you trust do the "basic muscle test". They will then test the variations in your deltoid muscle strength - using the method shown in the Whole Life Endeavours workshops, which was derived originally from the basic test described in Dr John Diamond's books "Your Body Doesn't Lie" and "Life Energy", both of which I heartily commend to you. The photograph below has been scanned from a page of my well-used copy of "Your Body Doesn't Lie".

You will find that the strength in the test muscle varies according to what the one being tested is thinking, wearing, looking at, listening to, imagining, feeling, etc. Dr Diamond did a lot of research into this, which was published in a series of newsletters and monographs. This fact can be used diagnostically to heighten awareness of unconscious processes and then therapeutically, to modify them. When used to work psychologically, Diamond called this method "behavioural kinesiology". It was developed from earlier forms of kinesiological testing, of which Touch for Health originated by Dr.Thie, and Applied Kinesiology developed by Dr Goodheart were two of the earliest. Educational Kinesiology is a later application, developed to help people with their ability to learn. Transformational Kinesiology is a subject being developed by some Danish investigators for applications to spiritual development and healing.

What I have done is to apply this basic test to getting a Forgiveness Agenda read-out off someone's physical body.

(Dr Diamond's books and monographs on many interesting subjects related to Life Energy, Music, Creativity and Healing are obtainable now from the Diamond Centre, PO Box 381, South Salem, NY 10590, USA. Tel: 914-533-2158, Fax: 914-533-2408).


1. To do this test to get the "forgiveness agenda" you must first learn to test "in the clear". The person being tested puts out their arm - usually the left one, horizontally outstretched laterally from the shoulder, holds it strongly outstretched, and is neutral in thought - not thinking of anything in particular. The tester presses the arm down firmly and relatively briefly, so that the one being tested resists and can feel the available strength in their deltoid muscle - the muscle which lifts your arm out to your side (see picture above - download time about 1-2 mins).

There are certain precautions needed when you use muscle response testing. That is why I suggest you read the books by John Diamond, and if possible find someone who teaches about kinesiological testing. Be aware though that in some countries the word "kinesiology" is also used by physiotherapists and similar professions to describe the science of muscle movements in general - eg. human engineering for industry, sports or office activities. I prefer to use the term muscle response testing (MRT) because kinesiology is also used in these other contexts.

Make sure that you do it with the precautions needed to ensure reliability - an open mind (no desire to get a particular result, just natural curiosity as to what the result will turn out to be), no battery operated watches, telephones, calculators etc., on your persons, no fluorescent lights, no music, no recent sugar, drugs or alcohol intake, and do not look into the face of the person being tested or make eye contact while you are testing, etc.. Any of these can distort the test. I believe it is better for the pair to not look at each other while the testing is being done, for even facial expressions can affect the one being tested.

It is helpful then to test while the testee holds their arm out as strongly as possible, and says "Yes"; and again after a brief interval when s/he says "No". The most common (one might call it the "normal") response is for there to be more strength with "Yes" than "No". You can check it several times until the testee and tester are happy that this is so. If this is so, go on to Step 2. Note also how this gives the testee experience of how their muscle strength actually does vary. Even though they try to exert all their strength, the variation is outside their conscious control.

If this is not so, then there can be "switching" present. A few people may show a weak response to both "Yes" and "No", or a switched response, with "No" being stronger then "Yes". I have observed that this occurs in people who grew up in families where parents may have said only "No!", and "Yes" was hardly ever heard; or where, in the family communication system "Yes" may have often meant "No" or vice versa, which is very confusing to a child. The neural structure which results makes relating to others difficult later in life. One person who showed this pattern had trained herself to smile and say "yes" when she meant "no" as a professional helping "martyr" and was very stressed by the word "yes". I find that if this kind of switching is present, then adequate exploration of the issue can bring about a restoration of the "normal" pattern in which the positive response "yes" adds energy and strength, and the negative answer "no" subtracts it. Only when this has been done can you proceed, yet even this small therapeutic manoeuvre can have very beneficial effects in the person's life.

Once there is consistent and strong response for "Yes" and a weaker response for "No", you can go on to Step 2. (Some professional kinesiologists may use other methods to correct switching, but for the purposes of the forgiveness agenda I have found this method usually to be sufficient).

2. Thus you have discovered that the available strength varies with what the one being tested is thinking about - at least if it is a "yes" or a "no". Once you have mastered how to do the test, you can now determine how the strength varies as the one being tested says different statements. The body responds to the ideas and feelings generated unconsciously either by weakening (a stressed, or "no" response) or remaining strong (a non-stressed or "yes" response). In fact, the absolute results of the test are not as essential for forgiveness agenda testing as they might be when the test is used for other purposes, for it is the variation in muscle strength as experienced by the one being tested which gives the clues as to whom they need to forgive. Also, the increase of strength found when the forgiveness process has been successfully completed give clues as to how fully that has been accomplished.

Results can be plotted on a chart like the one below. I put in the names of all the people the patient/client has mentioned to me in their life story, or anyone else they want to be tested for. I use plus (+) or minus (-) signs to indicate if the test was strong or weakened when that individual was being tested for.



Our primary love relationships

are with the Source of Life, our Higher Self, our mother, our father, and our lower self. The quality of all our other relationships depends upon our experiences with and beliefs about these.

Test yourself as you say the following phrases:

1. "I love my mother" (note that if there is a natural mother, adopting mother, foster mother or surrogate mother, etc., these may have to be tested for in turn)

"My mother loves me"

"I am open to receive love from my mother"


2. "I love my father"(note that if there is a natural father, adopting father, foster father or sperm donor father, etc., these may have to be tested in turn)

"My father loves me"

"I am open to receive love from my father"


3. "I love my Higher Self"

(use the words Higher Self, Soul, Inner Self, Deep Self, True Self, Essence....make sure that you use whatever is the right word for you)

"My Higher Self loves me"

"I am open to receive love from my Higher Self".


4. "I love myself" (your everyday self)

If this is negative go on to test for

"I love my body".

"I love my emotional nature".

"I love my mind".

"I love what I do".


5. "I love God" (the Source of Life, the Ultimate Source, Creator, or whatever word is right for you)

"God loves me"

"I am open to receive love from God"

Record the result of each test with a Plus (+) or Minus (-) on the chart.

The importance of these tests is that a person with a stress in any of the Primary Love Relationship Tests usually has unconscious anger/resentment patterns that get activated in certain situations. The people with a large amount of stress showing with these tests tend to choose negative pathways in life more easily than the positive ones, thus sabotaging treatments for illness, or other moves towards better health, life expression, or relationships. Using the forgiveness process with respect to one's mother(s), father(s), self, and "God" or the Source of Life heals this, but the tendency to not complete the work keeps recurring until the Primary Love Relationships have been healed. That is why I now believe this is one of the most important physical signs in medicine.

I believe that a person with a decreased love flow in their primary love relationships is more vulnerable to environmental factors as well. Certain musical rhythms (hard rock) affect the brain rhythms and activate unconscious anger in most people. This surfacing of unconscious anger and destructive tendency may be one reason why violence or suicide appears to be commoner in association with such music than in association with classical music.

It is a matter for more research for us to find out how much inner strength and immunity a person can rebuild by healing the memory traces shown up by negative results in the Primary Love Relationships circle.

What do the Primary Love Relationships Circle results mean?

We might think of ourselves as looking out on the world through a "lens" made up of the circle of our primary love relationships

1. Our relationships to males and females, and to authority figures in general, can be "coloured" by our experiences with our father and mother respectively, and our responses to items 1 & 2.

2. Our relationship to our potential and latent talents will be coloured by our responses to item 3 - our relationship to Higher Self.

3. Our relationship to our bodies, minds, emotions, and "what we do" will be coloured by our responses to item 4. "What you do" can subdivided. A number of activities can be tested separately - eg "I love being a....mother, secretary, singing, painting, running a business....etc". Total exhaustion may mean that the person tests weak for almost anything and rest and restoration of energy is vital. A lot of resentment may mean that the person cannot put love into anything they do, and forgiveness healing is vital. Testing weak for an occupation the person is in always needs attention - does it mean that the person is in the wrong occupation and needs to change it, or do they need to heal their emotional negativity before deciding?

4. Our relationship to life, to churches, organisations, authority, and much more will be coloured by our attitude to "God" as shown in our responses to item 5.

5. Our "openness to receive" - our willingness to allow good into our life has a relationship to our core beliefs about whether we are loved by these primary figures, and our openness to receive love.


The Secondary Love Relationships

Ultimately these include all those of whom you are aware (even at a distance) or have ever known. You can make a list down the left-hand column of a series of pages, of all the significant people in your life suggested in the list below, (and the names by which you called them, if appropriate) and anyone else upon whom you wish to check your response (or use the chart above). Record next to them the results of muscle testing, using a plus + or minus - sign, (or if not able to use muscle testing, your inner feelings and reaction) as you say for each one the statement: "I love ....x.....". These can be summarised on the chart you are using to record your findings. You are simply searching for those which stress or weaken you.

For any that you test weak on, or feel a negative response, recall and record the incidents that caused or still cause you discomfort.

Example: You may find that on muscle testing, you discover a weak response, say, to "I love all my teachers". This will often very shortly be followed by an awareness of precisely who it was who disappointed you and towards whom you still bear an unhealed memory trace. You can narrow the search down by using "I love all my Primary school teachers". Then test for secondary school and tertiary teachers. Then test specifically naming those you still resent. Say you find three. Then you can recheck - "I love all the remaining teachers". Your body will remember - if there is still another one you will remain weak. If there are no more, you will become strong. Thus you eventually obtain a complete list in any category by a process of locating the area and then the people concerned.

In this way you develop a complete inventory of those against whom you still feel hurt and offended.

There is no need to be concerned by thoughts like "Oh my God, do I have so much work to do?" You can start to apply the Forgiveness Process with any of them. Take easy ones first till you master the process. Test after each process. If you have become strong, you may reasonably go on to the next person. In this way you will complete the whole lot. As they say in Africa "an ant can eat an elephant - one bite at a time". And in China "the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step". Relax, take your time, keep at it until it is complete, then you will reap the rewards.

If you do not test strong after doing a process, which you will be learning about later, then some aspect of that forgiveness process has not been done fully - it could be that just one step is incomplete. Most often it is because some important incident has not been included, some negative belief has not been unearthed, or some preference statement has not been made in the correct manner. You will discover more about this in the sections concerned with the processes. Nevertheless, this is excellent progress, because even a partial forgiveness is better than none, and usually soon after this discovery you find out what it was that still needs to be done. I have seen people complete their forgiveness of another person by doing the process several times - it was as if they could accept a certain percentage of healing into their bodies each time. So - they just repeated it until it became complete. Repetition is the mother of skill.

You actually learn more about the process of forgiveness if you do not succeed absolutely perfectly the first few times. It was in this way, through trial and error, that the processes were evolved - pieces were added when someone's forgiveness was not able to be completed without special attention to some detail. I would like to say that the process in its present form has not failed now for several years when each of the steps has been done adequately. Persistence is the key.

Another reason you may test weak after forgiveness of another person is if there is something you need to forgive yourself about in relation to that person. Therefore if you still test weak after you have finished the forgiveness process towards another, and can find no other reason for it, do the Self-forgiveness Process for any aspects of your own behaviour towards that person or persons about which you still feel badly, or have negative beliefs. Forgiveness of others and forgiveness of Self can weave together.

Proceed to do the Forgiveness Process for ALL incidents you can recall where you felt hurt or disappointment, until you are clear. Test the list again. Eventually you will have completed you whole agenda!

If you have completed your forgiveness agenda, the previously stressed tests will all become strong. If not, search for other associated incidents, or incidents with people like the person you are forgiving, and process them. Record the date each one comes positive. Nurture yourself along the way and congratulate and encourage yourself a lot. Such a record can also be good to use to remind yourself, should you be tempted to take the forgiveness back later when you feel badly about something, that you do know how to free yourself of resentments and you can re-mind yourself of your loving nature much more quickly.

Your work is completed when the tests for all the people on your list becoming strong. Keep records of your progress, the dates the different tests became positive, and how your life changes as you do this work. Your emotions tell you when the flow of love is blocked, that is, they are sensitive ; physical events in your body, in the meridians and the nervous system also give you feedback through muscle testing or biofeedback instruments.

You are never out of relationship with anyone, even those who have died physically, for their memory lives on in your conscious or unconscious mind. The healing of memories is your responsibility, no one else can do it for you.

Here is a suggested list of people for you to consider, and become aware internally or muscle test for your response as you say the words: "I love ...x....."





(Step- or surrogate parents:





















adult (lecturers, professors)





"Special Loves":-




"Pet Hates, or Enemies":-




Sexual partner(s):-













Abusive people:

Those who have abused you, physically,

emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or ritually:-

Your body:-

My...... (name body parts, face,

breasts, legs, hands, eyes):-

Allergens :-

Organisations & groups:-




Government depts. in general

e.g. Accident Compensation Corporation, IRD, Insurance companies...or specific personnel within them:-

Doctors, Nurses, Health professionals:-

"People Who.........":-

Any others not mentioned in this list?:-



You will eventually realise that the Higher Self forgives the "subpersonalities", the "parts" which were unskilled, and brought one more or less unwittingly into error.

You can also notice that it is not necessary for someone to have done something definitely "wrong" for the forgiveness process to be applicable - only that what they did caused enough disappointment to block the flow of love and life energy.

Notice you could group these individuals into roughly three groups:

You may be able to see a pattern of having troubles with one or two groups more than the other(s).

Love directed to those stronger than ourselves (authority figures) has the qualities of reverence, (trust, confidence, gratitude, and hero-worship); to those of equal strength, of the desire for mutual help; to those weaker than us, of benevolence, (tenderness, compassion, gentleness, protection).

Hate in these directions is different in quality too - namely fear, (treachery, vindictiveness, deceit, servility, cowardice, disobedience, revolt, revenge) towards those stronger; desire for mutual injury, - (combativeness, jealousy, insolence, aggressiveness, disrespect), between equals; scorn, (harshness, cruelty, oppression) to those weaker.

Can you discern what your patterns have been? Are there any connections you can make with your own childhood experiences of love and power?


Small Print Stuff:

Nowadays there are many resources for exploring deep unconscious process available to you. I personally have reservations about deep exploration methods which bring up unconscious material too abruptly unless the person knows how to move smoothly on to using a Forgiveness Process. You must also bear in mind the controversies that have developed about the so-called "false memory syndrome"and the difficulties of being sure that deeply buried unconscious material which is brought to the surface by methods of psychological exploration is "true" or not. My own experience in this area is that such material can still be processed using the Forgiveness Process, even so-called "past-life" material, and that this can be a very healing experience for the person concerned. The healing of such "memory traces" can be beneficial because for as long as they remain in the unconscious they can still adversely affect the person's physiology and life expression. We are all affected by the images we hold in our minds. However I am unwilling to state categorically that such memory traces are "true" in a legalistic sense. The forgiveness process is concerned with healing you, not with proving someone else is guilty.

I believe that it is safest for you, if you plan to explore your unconscious provided you do know beforehand how to do the Forgiveness Process and are willing to apply it for any traumas that are brought to light. I therefore usually coach a person in using the forgiveness process before doing any deep exploration of the unconscious. Once the person knows how to process traumatic material safely using the forgiveness process, I have found it is then easier to access previously unconscious material and easier to heal it.

If you cannot access deeply buried memories, and still believe they are there and need to be accessed, there are the following options open to you, and maybe others. [It can also be that the unconscious mind is unwilling to release them or the conscious mind is unwilling or unready to receive them. This must be respected. Sometimes the reason for this can be elucidated using muscle testing, but that is specialised work outside the scope of this programme].

1. It may be possible to forgive your parents and yourself for "whatever it was before I can remember", and self-correct blocked love flow that way.

2. It may be possible to discover what the root-event(s) were by methods which involve regression, e.g. skilled hypnosis, Well Spring Alignment to music, auditing, or rebirthing, although the memory traces gained are rarely verifiable. Skill in disidentification learned from psychosynthesis is a great help in this. Forgiveness is then used with the material gained.

3. It may also be possible to self-heal by using affirmations, which are used to impress your unconscious with the desired thought form, - repeatedly saying of "I love my Mother (Father, Self, Life)" etc., starts to move the chosen psychological energies, even if you experience your resistance to the words (the inner voice of "That's not true!") at first. Saying or writing the affirmation repeatedly may also bring to mind the incidents which need to be processed, and one's own inner responses and resistances to owning the desirable belief. Books such as those by Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, Louise Hay, Sondra Ray (and their source inspiration, The Course in Miracles), have helped many people with this kind of task.

4. You may need to undergo some form of nurturing "Remothering Experience" as outlined in John Diamond's monograph; "The Remothering Experience - How to Totally Love". Skilled rebirthing, a Well Springs Alignment to Music, a loving foot, head, or body massage, an experience of a really unconditionally loving therapist or person in your life can have a similar beneficial effect.

5. You may discover and set about doing that creative activity which heightens your life energy more than any other (what John Diamond has called your cantillatory activity. It could be singing, dancing, playing music, painting, sculpture, building, photography, poetry, or whatever you can put yourself "heart and soul" into). Then transpose this quality of energy to other activities in your life. See the other works of Dr. Diamond, - "The Life Energy in Music", "Life Energy Analysis - a way to cantillation" etc.

You may well need to consult an experienced guide for this deeper work, although you may be able to achieve it on your own. You have a right to seek out experiences of Unconditional Love, to be creative and to complete this Forgiveness work.


Lifting Life Energy first as preliminary to further healing work

In most private consultations, and especially with someone who has very low energy and low commitment, I often first try to enable them to correct any meridian imbalances revealed by a negative thymus and meridian tests as described in "Life Energy", by finding the appropriate meridian affirmation. And/or, I search for the Bach or other Flower Essence remedy which strengthens the negative Thymus test, and prescribe the appropriate Exercise for Developing a Desired Quality, which the individual will do for a week or so, as a first step. Muscle testing of meridians as described in Dr John Diamond's book "Life Energy" can also offer clues to the memory traces which are still affecting you adversely and which need to be healed. The use of these and some other more advanced forms of muscle testing will not be described on this website at this time - I may put a page into the programme about these later.

Spiritual Healing, Esoteric Healing, or Prayer (depending upon the cultural beliefs of the person) can also provide the needed lift in Life Energy in a severely depleted person. I find that any or all of these can at times be needed to lift the person's life energy sufficiently to help them to make the decision to proceed and to make the forgiveness process easier.

But in a very committed person, simply doing the forgiveness processes can lift their life energy enough and such preliminary corrections may be unnecessary. This is the way I will perforce be working via this Internet information programme, and here I must assume I am dealing with pretty committed people (if you are willing to read through all this!).

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These three articles are to help to prepare you to use the processes

The Need for forgiveness and the Purpose of using a Forgiveness Process

The Healing Journey

Demythologising forgiveness - truths and untruths

This article is to help you to find out whom you may need to forgive in order to become "clear"

Getting your Forgiveness Agenda

These five articles are to assist you with theoretical background related to the psychosynthesis framework for human development, and the way our bodies, emotions, minds, and souls can work together. You may also like to refer to them if you are not clear about the way some of the terms are used

Emotional Health - Feelings & befriending the so-called negative emotions

Levels of the Self

The Will & the Mind

Higher Self and some thoughts on Meditation

Psychological Laws

This article introduces the Aramaic words from the Code of Conduct of mind-sets which lead to right human relationships. Combined with the Forgiveness Processes, and Clear Communication skills this is a most powerful combination for bringing the ability to love into your life.

Patterns of Unconditional Love in Action - The Goodwill Patterns


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