Further Resources

Information about seminars on the Unconditional Love and Forgiveness Process can be obtained from:

Whole Life Endeavours, (Dr. G.A.Pettitt), 81, Cambria St., Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand, Tel: +64-3-548-4400; Fax: +64-3-548-1241. In New Zealand (03)-548 4400, email: <gpettitt@ts.co.nz> and from:

Psychosynthesis International, (Edith Stauffer, PhD) P.O. Box 279, Ojai, California, CA 93024, USA. Tel: +1-805-646-7041 Fax: +1-805-646-9338, email: <psi@west.net>, Website: http://www.healthy.net/psi

There is a Forgiveness website with many connections to other websites concerned with forgiveness and reconciliation processes at http:/www.forgivenessweb.com

There is an International Forgiveness Institute, address PO Box 6153, Madison, WI 53716-0153, USA, Fax: +1-608-222-0281, which publishes a newsletter called "The World of Forgiveness", with news of books, stories, conferences and courses related to forgiveness.

There is A Centre for the Study of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Coventry University, Coventry, CV1 5FB, England.

The Templeton Foundation is interested in funding soundly based scientific research into the benefits of forgiveness. Website: http://www.templeton.org ; E-mail <info@templeton.org> ; or Mail to John Templeton Foundation, PO Box 8322, Radnor, PA 19087-8322, USA ; or call +1-610-687-8942

Please let me know of others which could be added to this list (or if anything here is out of date). Thank you. Dr. G.A.Pettitt, 81, Cambria St., Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand, Tel: +64-3-548-4400; Fax: +64-3-548-1241. In New Zealand (03)-548 4400, email: <gpettitt@ts.co.nz>


Books and articles about Love and Forgiveness

"Unconditional Love and Forgiveness" by Edith Stauffer, PhD., Publ. by Triangle Publishers, Box 1416, Burbank, California, 91507. USA. (1987), Obtainable from Psychosynthesis International, PO Box 279, Ojai, California, CA 93024, USA. Synthesis Distribution, email: <synthesisd@aol.com>, or the Psychosynthesis Trust, PO Box 301, Motueka, New Zealand.

The Khabouris Manuscript, an ancient text in Aramaic ,translated and publ. 1970, by the Yonan Codex Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia. This is the source of the Aramaic words used in the above book and on this website that describe the mind-sets that lead to unconditional love and goodwill in action.

"Forgiveness: a teachable skill for creating and maintaining health" by G.A.Pettitt, 1987, New Zealand Medical Journal, Vol 100, No 820, pp 180-2.

"Changes of Heart: the role of love and will in illness and wellness - part III" by G.A.Pettitt, 1988, New Zealand Medical Journal, Vol 101, No 853, pp 573-4.

"Forgiveness as Liberation" 1996, a Masters Thesis in Psychology at the University of Stockholm, by Barbro Holm-Ivarsson. It describes the results of four and a half years' of research by her into the use and benefits of the Forgiveness Process, and is available from her by e-mail: barbro.holm-ivarsson@trosa.mail.telia.com

"Bringing More Love Into Your Life: The Choice Is Yours," by Eileen Caddy and David Earl Platts, ISBN 0-905249-75-5, Findhorn Press, Forres, Scotland. A step-by-step 288-page guide using psychosynthesis principles and techniques with chapters on the Will, Identification, Disidentification, etc., and more than 125 exercises designed and sequenced to take readers through their own personal process of introspection and discovery.

"Choosing To Love," by Eileen Caddy and David Earl Platts, ISBN 0-905249-90-9, Findhorn Press, Forres, Scotland. A summary of excerpts from 'Bringing More Love..." for people wanting just a straight theoretical read without most of the exercises.

"Meditations on Unconditional Love and Forgiveness - Practical Applications in the Workplace", by John Cullen and others, IAMOP Monograph No. 21-1, 1991, Obtainable from IAMOP - (Institute for Managerial and Organisational Psychosynthesis), 3308 Radcliffe Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, USA. Tel:+1-805-492-4815. e-mail: <cullen@robles.callutheran.edu>

"Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love" by Stephanie Dowrick (author of "Intimacy and Solitude"), 1997, Viking/Penguin

"Wellness Medicine" 1987, by Dr Robert Anderson MD, American Health Press, in Ch. 14, "Attitudes and Belief System for High Level Wellness" pp. 368-9.


The following do not have a specific connection with the pychosynthesis approach, but are included here as the theme is more important than the technique in some ways, and different approaches appeal to different people.

"The Road Less Travelled", "The Different Drum", and "The People of the Lie", by Scott Peck, MD, publ. 1978, 1987, 1983, by Simon and Shuster, 1230, Ave. of Americas, New York, 10020. About the psychology of love, community building and evil respectively.

"Love, Medicine and Miracles", and "Peace, Love and Healing" by Dr. Bernie Siegel (Arrow Books London 1988 & Rider/Century Hutchinson London 1990 respectively). A surgeon shares experiences learned from his exceptional patients the role of developing and training the positive emotions on their healing.

"Forgiveness - the Greatest Healer of them All", "Teach Only Love", "Goodbye to Guilt", "Love is Letting Go of Fear", "One Person Can Make a Difference", and other writings of Dr. Jerry Jampolsky on the principles of attitudinal healing. His writings have roots in "The Course in Miracles" 1975, publ. by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

"Conscious Loving" by Gay and Kathryn Hendricks 1990, Bantam Paperbacks. The Journey to Co-Commitment - how to be with another without givng up yourself. Very important skills for the synthesis of the couple, or right human relationships in general.

"The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm 1957, now in Bantam Paperbacks.

Elizabeth Kübler Ross and Steven Levine's books on aspects of Death, Dying, and Love, and the Elizabeth Kübler Ross Foundation's workshops are recommended for their fine teaching about unconditional love.

"Forgiveness - how to make peace with your past and get on with your life" by Sidney and Suzanne Simon, 1990, publ. by Warner Books, New York.

"Peace Pilgrim" compiled by her friends. Inspiring story of a remarkable woman dedicated to peace through love. Published by Ocean Tree Books, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Obtainable from Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 43480, Cedar Avenue, Hemet, California, 92544, USA. Tel: (714)-927-7678.

"Service, - the expression of Unconditional Love" p. 164 of "Feeling Great, a personal programme to speed healing and enhance wellness", 1983, by Jeanne Segal, PhD., publ. by Newcastle Publishing Co., PO Box 7589, Van Nuys, USA.

"A Little Book of Forgiveness" by D. Patrick Miller, 1994, Viking/Penguin

There are an increasing number of books related to Unconditional Love and Forgiveness in any good book shop nowadays as these subjects' time has come. Please let me know of others which could be added to this list. Thank you. Dr. G.A.Pettitt, 81, Cambria St., Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand, Tel: +64-3-548-4400; Fax: +64-3-548-1241. In New Zealand (03)-548 4400, email: <gpettitt@ts.co.nz>


Books and articles on Psychosynthesis

"What We May Be", by Pierro Ferrucci, publ. by Turnstone Press, Thorsons Publishing Group, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 2RQ, England.

"Psychosynthesis", and "The Act of Will", by Roberto Assagioli, publ. by Turnstone Press, England

"Transpersonal Development" by Roberto Assagioli, publ. by Harper Collins, London.

"The Unfolding Self" (Psychosynthesis in Counselling) and "Growing Whole", by Molly Brown, publ. by Psychosynthesis Press, Los Angeles, California; her address: PO Box 779, Fairfax, California 94930, USA.

"You're in Charge!" (A guide to becoming your own therapist) by Jeanette Rainwater, publ. by De Vorss & Co., PO Box 550, Marina del Rey, California 90291, USA;

"Psychosynthesis in Education" (Psychosynthesis for teenagers and those who work with teenagers) and "Psychosynthesis in Counselling" by Diana Whitmore, publ. by Turnstone Press;

"He Hit Me Back First!" by Eva Fugitt, (Psychosynthesis for Primary School Age Children and parents) publ. by Jalmar Press, 45, Hitching Post Dr., Building 2, Rolling Hills Estate, California 90274, USA;

"Psychology With A Soul" (The story of the evolution of psychosynthesis and its connections with other disciplines) by Jean Hardy, publ. by Routledge Kegan Paul, 11, New Fetter Lane, London, UK.

"I - the story of the Self", by Michal Eastcott, publ. by Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, Illinois, USA.

"Changes of Heart: the role of love and will in illness and wellness - parts I & II" , "Forgiveness: a teachable skill for creating and maintaining health" by G.A.Pettitt, 1987, New Zealand Medical Journal, Vol 100, No 820, pp 180-2., by G.A.Pettitt, in the New Zealand Family Physician, 1989. Some applications of psychosynthesis principles in medical practise.

"The Elements of Psychosynthesis" by Will Parfitt, published by Element Publishers Inc. Contact Will Parfitt at e-mail: willparfitt@dial.pipex.com and his website is http://ds.dial.pipex.com/willparfitt/ and snail-mail: Will Parfitt, Box 1865, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8YR, U.K. His website has links to others.

Many books on psychosynthesis and related subjects are available through Synthesis Book Distribution Service PO Box 575, Amherst, MA 01004-0575, USA, tel: 413-256-6369, or on e-mail at Synthesisc@aol.com, or from Esoteric Publishing at http://www.esotericpublishing.com


For information about further training in psychosynthesis

Training in psychosynthesis can be obtained in many countries through the centres in larger cities. There is an International Psychosynthesis Directory listing centres and practitioners throughout the world obtainable from the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, 92/94 Tooley St., London Bridge, London SE1 2TH, England or, send a cheque made payable to David Earl Platts for 12 pounds sterling or 19 US dollars, including air mail delivery, to 7 Oakwood Gardens, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey GU21 2RX, England.

Training by correspondence for those not near a psychosynthesis centre can be obtained from:-

1. Psychosynthesis International, (Edith Stauffer, PhD) P.O. Box 1110, Ojai, California, USA. Tel: and Fax: +1-805-646-7041 e-mail: psi@west.net

2. Psychosynthesis Distance Education, Psychosynthesis Trust, PO Box 301, Motueka, New Zealand (Anne Verity, Liz Conroy and Dr Guy Pettitt)

Training Residential Programmes in Leadership and Psychosynthesis for Young People aged from 18-30

are offered around the world by WYSE (World Youth Service and Enterprise), contact Andrew McDowell, PO Box 230, Crafers, S. Australia, 5152. Tel: +61-8-8339-22-4 Fax: +61-8-8370-8691 e-mail: <Andrew McDowell@flinders.edu.au>. Or, contact Marilyn Feldberg, 21 Clifton Ave., Finchley N3 1BN, London, England, Tel: +44-81-349-9429, Fax: +44-81-346-5814. (I think there may now be in London another "1" before the 81 - ie. +44-181-..... since I was given these numbers) The WYSE website is at http://www.wyse.se/

Training in Managerial and Organisational Psychosynthesis

Contact John Cullen at e-mail <cullen@robles.callutheran.edu>

E-mail Psychosynthesis Discussion Group

Contact John Cullen at email address <cullen@robles.callutheran.edu>

The Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (AAP),

PO Box 597, Amherst, MA 01004-0597, USA. e-mail <AAPofNA@aol.com>

A Psychosynthesis Home Page

is at http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Health/Psychosynthesis/ It has links to other PS resources


For information on Kinesiology, and Life Energy

"Your Body Doesn't Lie", "Life Energy", and many other books, monographs, newsletters and tapes by Dr. John Diamond, MD, obtainable from the Diamond Center and the Institute for Music and Health, PO Box 381, South Salem, NY 105909, USA. Tel: +1-914-533-2158, Fax: +1-914-533-2408

"Vibrational Medicine", by Dr. Richard Gerber, MD, publ. by Bear & Co., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-2806, USA.

"The Anatomy of Spirit", & "Why Some People Don't Heal - and How They Can", by Caroline Myss, PhD. Bantam Books 1997.



"Joy and Healing", and "New Dimensions of Healing", by Torkom Saraydarian, publ. by the Aquarian Educational Foundation, Box 267, Sedona, Arizona, USA.

"Healing Research", by Dr Daniel Benor (2 vols), 1992-94, Helix, UK and Germany

"The Anatomy of Spirit" by Caroline Myss, PhD, 1997, Bantam

"The Chakras and Esoteric Healing" and "Ray Methods of Healing" by Zachary Landsdowne, 1986 and 1993, Weiser, USA.

"The Esoteric Healing Handbook", "Practical Guide to Esoteric Healing", and "Advancing in Esoteric Healing" by Alan Hopking, Godshaer Publishing, Christchurch, Dorset, UK.

"The Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav, publ. by Simon & Schuster, New York, 1990.

"Values Clarification" 1972 and 1978 by Sidney Simon, Leland Howe, and Howard Kischenbaum, publ. by Dodd, Mead & Co. New York.

"The Restoration of the Intangible in Medicine" (A new paradigm for medicine). by Prof. Marco De Vries, The Helen Dowling Institute for Biopsychosocial Medicine, Mathenesserlaan 183, 3014 HA Rotterdam, The Netherlands. publ. by the Institute of Psychosynthesis, 1, Cambridge Gate, London NW1 4JN U.K. This institute conducts research into the methods of psychosynthesis applied to medical problems.


On Meditation

Booklets for the Meditation Group for the New Age, and The Group for Creative Meditation, are put out by Meditation Groups Inc., PO Box 566, Ojai, CA 93024-0566, USA. http://www.meditation.com/ This is an excellent series of booklets that guide the beginner very soundly. Roberto Assagioli helped found this service.

"Active Meditation - the Western tradition", and "The Light Within Us", by Robert Leichtmann and Carl Japikse, published by Ariel Press, and obtainable from Light, 3854 Mason Rd., PO Box 249, Canal Winchester, Ohio, 43110, USA.

"The Science of Meditation", and "Psyche and Psychism" and other books by Torkom Saraydarian, publ. by the Aquarian Educational Foundation, Box 267, Sedona, Arizona, USA.

"Meditation in a Changing World" and other books by William Bloom publ. by Gothic Image, 7, High St., Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DP, England.


Some sources of esoteric healing and psychology training

The School for Esoteric Studies, 58 Oak Terrace, Arden, North Carolina NC 28704-2820, USA. +1-704-654-9989, Fax: +1-704-654-9484, offers distance training by correspondence in esoteric studies and meditation, as does the Arcane School, 3, Whitehall Court, Suite 54, London, England SW1A 2EF.

The Global Academy for Esoteric Healing, Alan Hopking, PO Box 2631, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1XL, England., +44-1202-488-122, Fax: +44-1202-488-121, e-mail <Hopmask@aol.com>

The International Network of Esoteric Healing, Membership Secretary: Janet Marshall, 73, Victoria Terrace, Bayford Rd, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5HN, UK. The website is at: http://www.avnet.co.uk/netta/healing.html

The University of the Seven Rays, offers two to five year courses in esotericism, the language of energy, esoteric psychology, and related subjects. It is an international "university without walls" which teaches by a combination of correspondence and student group work at residential programmes. Write direct to the University of the Seven Rays, 128, Manhattan Ave., Jersey City Heights, NJ, 07307, USA, e-mail: <univ7rays@sevenray.com> or ESCEF (Esoteric Science and Creative Education Foundation), 23 Everard St, Forrestville, Adelaide, South Australia 5035. Tel: +61-8-8371-1880, Fax: +61-8-8371-1260


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