The purpose of this step is to ensure that you separate the transpersonal from the personal perspectives, and continue on from the transpersonal perspective for the next five steps. In my everyday practise, I usually only use the parts that are printed here in bold type or some adaptation of them. The words in normal type are there to add the gist of explanations that were useful to certain people at some time when they were experiencing difficulties. Forgiveness does not, indeed cannot take place at the emotional or even the mental levels of consciousness. It takes place at the transpersonal level, which it is why the forgiver needs to access that level for forgiveness to happen. It also means that doing the forgiveness process enables you to reach the transpersonal, or Higher Self, levels of your consciousness - in my experience it is the fastest way for someone to do this.

Moving from the sitting position to standing behind the chair on which you were sitting and looking down at your "everyday self" imagined to be sitting in the place where you were actually sitting, symbolises the move from the personal level to the transpersonal level, from personality and subpersonality levels to the level of the Higher Self. It is a curious fact that moving higher physically can have the effect of lifting our consciousness, but it is so and Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis drew attention to this in an article called "Psychological Mountain Climbing". The symbol of going to greater altitude brings with it a wider vision, a broader perspective, more Light and Warmth (it is closer to the Sun). These symbolise more Wisdom and Love.

GUIDE: "Now move; stand up, move physically into the "space" of the Higher Self (gestalt technique), and begin to "lift up your consciousness" and identify with the QUALITIES of the Higher Self - E.G. Patience, courage, acceptance, compassion, wisdom, unconditional love, forgiveness, dignity, peace, deep knowing of what is best for all concerned, ability to see the whole, the sweep of history, the interconnectedness of everything, of all people, of past, present and future ... "

Be aware that there is within each person a source of these qualities - you have seen it in others. Know that it is in you too, and your decision and intention to express these qualities calls them forth from within you, more and more each time you choose to do so. You are building a bridge, or channel, to your Higher Self, which is the source or origin of these qualities within you. Do not be discouraged or criticise yourself if you do not get a "good enough feeling" or even clear visualisations during this exercise. The qualities you invoke will come through you into your life in the next few days if you invite them in and are willing to express them. It can be surprisingly easy and natural.

GUIDE: "Feel these qualities in yourself and with these qualities, look down upon your personal self, living life in the field of learning and experience".

If you are still emotional, upset, critical, judgmental, etc., then you are not fully enough identified with your Higher Self, which is never any of these. If this happens, adopt the following steps:-

(i) You can exaggerate the behaviour for a time, until you are really tired of it. Most commonly it is of the self-critical, saboteur, victim, or helpless/confused patterns (see page 87). Then:-

(ii) consciously disidentify or separate off from that behaviour (it's not the real you, only a past conditioning) and move physically back or higher, e.g. onto a chair, then if necessary onto a table, up a storey, on top of the building, onto a hill, mountain, or even up in a helicopter or plane! Get a higher view, a bigger perspective. Again identify with the qualities of the Higher Self which do lie deep within you, as in everyone.

Some people can also do this in imagination just as effectively, or imagine their Higher Self as if on a cloud, and then move up in their imagination to become the Higher Self on the cloud, looking down on their personal self in the arena of experience. This way could be needed for one who could not physically move because of a disability.

Eventually you will find that you can identify with these qualities. Physically moving higher, to symbolise leaving at a lower level the subpersonality or emotional patterns, and reaching higher in your consciousness, works. Call it "psychological mountain climbing" - the air is clearer and you can see further. You can test this out for yourself. You can also include imagining yourself like a person or persons who have these qualities, then more so.

GUIDE: "Now you are able to look down at the personal self, (and the critical part, or other subpersonalities involved, if they are there) and, indeed, at the whole personality and all its history, background, connections, and future possibilities. You can see how life is a learning ground. You were not your wrong or bad past actions, you were a person experiencing lessons in life. Nothing that you did in the past or do in the future can really negate the existence of the love of your Higher Self. Mistakes are but the stepping stones to wisdom".

Eventually you will reach the right physical and psychological "height", and will be able to speak as the Higher Self would speak, with wisdom, compassion, love, and understanding. The flow of such inspiration can often be started by going on now to SF Step Eight - The Act of Forgiveness = Cancellation

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