Step 9. HEALING THE INNER CHILD (if this fits).

NOTE: Where you see ......, you insert the name of the person doing the forgiveness process. By using the name of the forgiver rather than a pronoun ("you", "me" or "I") disidentifiation from the pains of earlier traumas and healing of them is more easily facilitated.


GUIDE: "You may want to engage in the Healing the Inner Child Process at this stage. If so, see one of the most important of your memory's pictures of the past, chosen for you now by your Higher Self, as the love of the Higher Self, like a pair of loving hands or a very loving being, reaches into the picture, and draws the child away to one side, away from the scene of pain. The Love of the Higher Self holds the child ...(name)..., perhaps even cradles ....(name).. in those Loving Hands, in just the way ...(name)... needed then. The love of the Higher Self flows into the child and brings all the hurt and bad feelings to peace. The child receives now what was needed then. Take all the time you need. Only when the child signals that he/she is ready, then watch how gently the Higher Self places the child back into the picture, back into the memory, healed and at peace."


"This can be repeated for all the scenes of the Earlier You at any age right up to the present time. Let your Higher Self show you in sequence all the memories that It knows need to be healed in this way. You have all the time you need. Let me know if you need me to give you the instructions each time. or if you prefer me to keep silent."



Sometimes, if the incident was extremely traumatic, it is wise to invite the Higher Self to take the child away for all the time that is needed to create in some detail in the imagination exactly the kind of events that would have met the Child's needs perfectly. This offers the GUIDE an opportunity to work creatively in partnership with the Higher Consciousness of the FORGIVER, using the symbolism that comes up. Example: "See ...... now being given the kind of day that would have been just right for her. See how the Higher Self takes her off for an interesting and exciting day, and shows her really beautiful and wonderful things, which strengthen her inner beauty and bring it forth. Describe something of this day. Watch how the Higher Self from time to time offers her just the kind of food she really loves and that goes inside and strengthens her in all the places that need strengthening. Find out what kind of refreshments are offered, to cleanse and wash away the old hurt, to refresh, heal and purify....."

Note that the kinds of sentences used in this phase of the process are non-specific - i.e. in this respect they are the opposite of the preference statements used elsewhere in the forgiveness processes, which are to be very specific. Non-specific phrases offer the FORGIVER maximum opportunity to elaborate functional patterns from the gifts offered intuitively by the Higher Self.


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