This section was very challenging to write for the website. In this experiment of trying to pass on the skills of the forgiveness processes over the Internet to people who may have no access to a guide, it is plain that you, the reader, are going to be both Forgiver and Guide.

These are two functions, and although it might be easier to have a guide in the beginning, you will be able to guide yourself if you undertake both functions alternately.

As you might imagine, the paragraphs became rather confusing when I wrote only the word FORGIVER for both functions. In the end I decided to leave it as it was in the Forgiveness Manual that we use in the Forgiveness Seminars, where you would be paired up with someone to guide you when you were learning the process. If you find it difficult to keep referring to these pages, remember that you can make a tape recording and listen to that, pressing the "pause" button whenever you need extra time to process something.


GUIDE: "You may like to choose to bring each of the actions, beliefs and mind-sets for which forgiveness is being sought into the light of the wisdom and compassionate understanding of the Higher Self".

The GUIDE brings each of the items for forgiveness obtained in Step 4 up for the Higher Self to review and offer wisdom, and further improvements over the preferences obtained in Step 5.


As an example:-

GUIDE: "...(name of forgiver)... came to believe s/he was unworthy. What is the Soul's perspective on this?"

FORGIVER (as Higher Self to Personal Self) say or write:

"I cancel your belief that you are not a worthy person, which was the decision you came to because of this incident. I offer you the truth - which is that you are a unique, capable, loving, and lovable human being."


Another example:-

GUIDE: "...(name of forgiver).. came to make a death wish upon herself".

FORGIVER (as Higher Self to Personal Self) say or write:

"I cancel your guilt about harbouring a death wish on....., and I offer you the capacity to forgive and love without conditions, to see their unmet needs, their cry for help and for love, to see the good in them and yourself, and want the best for them and the relationship. The Truth is that you are capable of doing this and can learn to do it".


The personal self may need to hear the Higher Self's forgiveness (cancellation) and perspective on each of the issues raised in Step 4. You have a record of these. It usually takes the form of a great flow of love, and words such as (and the GUIDE might help to prompt the flow by offering the following phrases which have all worked well in the past).

FORGIVER (as Higher Self to Personal Self) say or write, completing the sentences as appropriate:

"I cancel your guilt (or bad feelings) about....

I cancel your belief that.....

I cancel your tendency to....

The Truth is.....,

In the future you could .....,

You can learn to ......"

The GUIDE and the FORGIVER will have to choose or adapt to find what is appropriate. The wiser perspectives of the Higher Self become known through such sentences. Throughout, the FORGIVER as Higher Self transmits compassionate wisdom to the younger self.





To do this you can ask the FORGIVER, who is now identified with the Higher Self looking down on the personal self: "AS YOU LOOK DOWN ON ...... Does he/she have the willingness and openness to accept the love and forgiveness? ........(waits for response)..........

If not , can you offer guidance as to how that resistance can be overcome?".

During this stage the FORGIVER often comes to realise deeply that what we have called "the errors in the mind which block love" have simply been times when goals and mind-sets were allowed to be set in the mind by the lower levels of consciousness - by subpersonalities that were hurting, or by emotional reactions at times when needs were not being met. Now the FORGIVER is realigning goals with those of the highest level of consciousness, the Higher, Transpersonal Self, or Soul.


Symbolic Gift from the Higher Self

GUIDE: "Continue to send that love and compassion to the personal self and/or child that you were. Feel it flowing through you as the Higher Self to your personal self".

"Does the Higher Self have a gift for ......? This can be a scene, a symbol, a word, or just a flow of the quality into the forgiver which will convey that love, - or other quality needed in the forgiver's life situation at this time . (e.g. courage, clarity, confidence, faith, gratitude, unconditional love, trust, hope........... etc.)

"Does the Higher Self have any further ideas to be offered to the personal self. Is there anything else that he/she needs to know and hear at this time?"

You may well be quite surprised at the increased flow of loving wisdom which the forgiver seems able to access at this time. At times, words and symbols are received of incredible love, beauty, simplicity and relevance, which form the seeds for inspiration and meditations for many years to come. One might expect this, since they carry the energy "signature" of the Higher Self or Soul. I have often been amazed at the increased level of wisdom which flows - for example, the upgrades to negative patterns offered by the Higher Self can be significantly better than those offered by the linear concrete mind in the preferences Step Five. This experience can be a very valuable one for the forgiver (and guide), as it strengthens their belief and faith in the existence of the Higher Self, the source of wisdom within people.



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