Forgiver, now you are to return to the "place" of the personal self and sit down. Take enough time now to receive the forgiveness and love, and the symbol if there was one, and for letting it all come into your body, your feelings, and mind,

As in the Forgiveness-of-others process, you receive the healing love physically by inviting the love like a gentle, soothing, warm ray of light to the areas of your body wherever you have felt pain, tension, or disease, then smoothly overflowing it to the whole body. .Be aware of the wholeness and synthesis of the tiniest cells, the organs, the systems.

Imagine all the parts working together in a right and harmonious relationship. See your body healthy, engaged in some happy, useful service.

If you have a medical condition, and feel OK to do this, overflow this gentle healing love in a general way to others who have it also. Imagine the healing love circulating - both in you and to others.

If the Higher Self gave one, place the symbol somewhere appropriate. Let it "find its place" somewhere in your body. Note where it seems to go. Perhaps be prepared to make a sketch or painting of it later. Put that sketch where you can see it often. This can help to anchor the psychological energies carried by the symbol.

Now receive the healing of the emotional nature by again reviewing the pictures from the past and seeing the love flow into the person-you-were through the loving hands of the Higher Self. The Higher Self goes to the "you" in those pictures one by one. As a very loving pair of hands or loving being it draws you aside from the painful scenes to do this, holding you in the way you needed then, until it is all brought to peace, and you watch how gently it places the you-as-you-were-then back into the picture, back in the memory, healed.

Now receive the healing of the mind by accepting the cancellation of each of the old mind-sets that were blocking the flow of love and joy, and even more important, their replacement by the more positive ones offered by the Higher Self . To use the symbol of the jig-saw puzzle tilted off the tray, the pieces falling to the ground, separating, softening so they cannot go back the way they were, being cleansed before returning as fresh "mind-space", to be used with the wisdom and compassionate understanding of the Higher Self to create wiser patterns, can be very effective here. It represents old negative patterns of the mind being broken up, softened and cleansed before being returned to the personal self, with its free will, to be used by the mind to make wiser patterns. You are realigning your personality goals and attitudes with those of the highest levels of your consciousness.

See the new beliefs and patterns take up the shape of a SYMBOL that you are given by the Higher Self. This could be the same as the one already given or a new one for these beliefs. Imagine this SYMBOL going into your mind to continue its constructive work.

Let yourself realise that this Step is now complete. You are free to move on from these experiences. They need no longer condition your thinking or behaviour in the future. You may even already experience a joyful sense of deep relief, or a release physically. You may want to send gratitude to your Higher Self, this part of your consciousness that has these possibilities stored within it, waiting for you to evoke them".

Many people can feel the energy shifts that occur in their bodies as they receive the love and forgiveness from the Higher Self, and a new sense of wonder at the beauty and complexity of themselves as a human being.


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