FORGIVER, say or write:

"I will to keep this change in me intact."


This is your commitment to vigilance , to keeping this wisdom and this learning, - and to using them in everyday life to remember (a) how to avoid similar errors and (b) how to think, feel, and act more lovingly, wisely, and with more inner strength, instead of the old patterns.

You may want to add a commitment to practising each of the beneficial mind sets independently of the behaviour of others or outer circumstances (Rukha: inner peace and restful poise even when harassed, Khooba: giving attention and energy to the good in self, others, and situations, Makikh: looking for the true needs of yourself and others, and trying to meet them, Abilii: looking for the errors in your mind and self-correcting joyfully, Kenoota: working towards what is fairest for all, Dadcean b'Libhoun: seeing the whole - the broad perspective and interconnectedness of everything.) We often need to re-mind ourselves of these!


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