GUIDE: "Future pace" yourself: Move into the future now, into some real-life situations. Imagine how you will now be as you act out of this new pattern - at work, at home, wherever, seeing yourself expressing this love, wisdom, and inner strength. See how your eyes look,... how you move,... how you now choose your words to speak, and how you might write. You no longer have any negative beliefs or patterns of reaction.

Do you like what you see? Enjoy this "new you" for a while and them merge with him(her). Some people like to do this by imagining their image coming back into them, others prefer to imagine "moving into" the image. Either way, become one with this "future you" and invite the image to go into your unconscious mind, to continue its constructive work for you. In this way you and your unsonscious mind join in an increasingly constructive partnership.


This is an active, creative stage, imagining the future you as you design him/her. How did you like what you see? Are there any refinements you want to make?

Meditating upon, or drawing/painting the symbol and placing it where you can see it often, will reinforce the psychological energy it carries for you.

After doing the self-forgiveness process you may now find it easier to forgive any others whom before you found difficulty in forgiving.


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