Self Forgiveness - a summary


Your deepest values are your source of strength. Say:-

(a) "I value my healing - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - more than ill-health in any of those areas."

(b) "I value compassionate self-forgiveness and joyful self-correction of the errors in my mind, to relieve my inner distress and get back on course for my life - more than continued guilt, self-criticism or any other form of self damage. Or:- More than continuing to feel false guilt." (if that applies)

(c) "I value establishing the flow of love and joy through me again - more than continuing its blockage any longer."

(d) "I value joy more than joylessness and regret, love more than bitterness, being well more than being ill, being creative more than being blocked, being dignified more than feeling worthless, Inner Peace more than irritation and imperil"...etc.


As personal self address your Higher Self:-

"Dear Higher Self, I ask forgiveness for...."

specify and record the errors in the mind or in behaviour for which you are seeking forgiveness. Leave spaces for the preferences, next:-

"As I look back now, I see I would have preferred I had....."

outline the wiser, more loving options carries out with inner strength.

"I will to heal the effects of these incidents. I am tired of the pain and burden being caused. I am tired of feeling uncomfortable about this. I am choosing to be free again, and I ask for forgiveness to heal all this."


Move upwards physically, stand, on chair if need be. As Higher Self address your personal self:-

"Dear....(use your name).... I do forgive you and I really do love you. I understand how it was for you then. You did the best you could at the time. I love you just the same."

"In forgiving you I am now cancelling the guilts and negative beliefs that got set in your mind at those times, blocking the flow of love." (Specify the negative conditions or beliefs and wiser more loving possibilities)

"I send you all love now, without conditions, to nurture you an your path through life."

Let the love flow through to the personality. Healing the Inner Child and Younger You Process. Is the personal self willing to receive the love and forgiveness? What is lacking to heal this block if it is present? The Higher Self shows the way - if truly invited in. Send symbol, gift, or idea for the personal self to use to help it at this time, if such is forthcoming. Honouring free will comes next:-

"I again give you responsibility for the way you lead your life."


Return to the earlier level, the "ordinary" world, and identify with the personal self. Receive the forgiveness and love, physically, emotionally, and mentally. The negatives are cancelled, the loveflow restored. Grounding is next:-

"I will to keep this change in me intact."

Gratitude. Sense of wholeness. Vigilance and future pacing the changes in daily life.


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