Two versions and some ideas for variations are given in the next section of this manual. This is because people are different and can have different learning and teaching styles. There is no absolutely "right" or "wrong" way to do this. In a sense, the forgiveness process is whatever process enables you to remove the blocks to love in yourself. Some people will prefer to speak out the process with a trusted guide present, others prefer to write it out in private. Some have found ways that work well for them, using drawings. Some prefer to dramatise it with methods like those used in psychodrama. Others can do it very quickly by a swift act of their will. Some like to test out many different ways until they have found "their" way. Others like to use a ritual, perhaps tearing up or burning objects used during the process. The circumstances may affect your choice too. Sometimes the issue you are dealing with is very serious, and you may want to use the longer version. At other times the issue may be less serious and you may prefer to use the shorter version.

It is important to remember that both processes have a common purpose, namely to promote self-healing. Learn to use both and then you can select the right method for you in different situations, rather than get caught up in arguing that one process is "better" than another. We must always hold the purpose of the process uppermost in our minds.

Both have their place. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the longer and shorter processes which I have found in practise. You may like to add to this from your own experiences:
The common purpose of both processes is to assist self healing & right human relationships


The advantages of the shorter version:

 Easy to learn

Able to done more quickly

Appears more accessible when you are beginning

"Ten minutes"

Useful for everyday items

Some disadvantages of the shorter version:

May only be partial, so that symptoms or old patterns recur

May put some people off because: "It's too simple", and they dislike it because of that

May have to go on to the longer process later if it is not effective enough

The shorter version is like a refuel and oil change on your car, or a dust and clean around the house


The advantages of the longer version:

May be more deeply effective, insightful and longer lasting in its results

Can be shortened with great effectiveness once it has been mastered.

The steps within it are skills in their own right that can be extracted from it and used in other

Some disadvantages of the shorter version:

Needs more time and effort to begin with to master it.

One and a half hours or more

May put some people off because: "It's too long and complicated", and they dislike it because of that.

The longer version is like a major maintenance service on your car or spring cleaning your house

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