Purpose: To heal the energy patterns of the relationship, and to receive a new image of the person you are forgiving, by seeing them and their whole life before you, from babyhood to the present and into the future as you transmit love from its Source through you to them.

GUIDE continues: "If you are ready, with your eyes still closed, and continuing to feel the love of the Higher Self flowing into you, filling you up physically, emotionally, and mentally, warming your heart, and flowing through you.

Imagine this love OVERFLOWING from you, as warm gentle light through you from behind your Heart and guided by wisdom from the region of your forehead, out to this person as they were when they have just been born.

He/she is just a baby, naked and defenceless, and you find you can begin by overflowing pure love to him/her as he/she was as a baby.

Now continue to overflow love to them as he/she begins to crawl and then to walk. He/she is growing up in a certain kind of family, with certain kinds of parents, brothers and sisters (if there are any), certain kinds of teachers, friends and perhaps even enemies.

He/she becomes in succession an infant, ....a toddler,...... a child,..... Certain things happen to him/her which cause him/her to become the kind of person who will one day disappoint ......

Maybe you know some of the kinds of things that happened to him/her, maybe you don't. You watch now as he/she grows into a teenager, ......and into an adult......

He/she goes through all the experiences that lead to him/her becoming the person that one day will come into the life of ....... Learning certain ways of being, and not having the opportunity to learn other more functional ways of being.

You send love to them as they do this.

Now continue to overflow pure love to this person through all the experiences you have described in your preference statements, and any others that come to mind now - FREE OF THE FACT THAT THEY DID NOT MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS. You are completely in charge now.

You may well find that waves of understanding and compassion for this person flow into you, now or in the next few days.

Take all the time you need to do this stage fully.

To complete this stage, now affirm this love and goodwill to the person the demands on whom you have just cancelled."

GUIDE, prompt the forgiver to say:

FORGIVER, say or write as if to the one being forgiven :

"I send this love out from my Higher Self (or, "as a Higher Self" - what is the best wording for you?) to you just as you have been, are now, and may be in the future."


GUIDE: "I wonder, has your image of the person changed at all? Have you fully released them and let them go?" It can be wise to wait until a positive response occurs.

If it seems relevant (you can ask the forgiver if it is), ask the forgiver to add:

FORGIVER, say or write as if to the one being forgiven:

"I ask you for your forgiveness for any parts I may have played in creating what happened between us".


This last sentence may help to uncover what, if anything, needs healing with the Self-forgiveness-of-the-personality process.

GUIDE: "Are you ready for the next step?"



FORGIVER, say or write, firmly, with intent:

"I will to keep this change in me intact."

Are you ready for the next step?


If you decide you want to learn more about or increase your skill with the Goodwill Patterns, and ground your forgiveness still further, go to Step Fourteen - The Goodwill Patterns

Repeating them aloud and or writing them will you to train yourself in them and also, it often helps the you understand which of the Goodwill Patterns is specifically needed more by you at this time in your life.

If you choose to omit revising the Goodwill Patterns, go on to.Step Fifteen - Future Pacing

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