Purpose: Creating future behaviours in thought and action now that love is able to flow


GUIDE: "Now move into the future, into some real life situation (at home or at work, say).

Start to make "movies" in your mind's eye of how you will now behave in the next few days or weeks.

See yourself in certain specific situations, say at home, or work, or wherever, acting with love, wisdom, and inner strength. You no longer have the old negative beliefs and feeling reactions.

See how your eyes look.... how you move differently.... how you speak and choose your words differently, and how you write differently...

You see the symbol your Higher Self gave you (if there was one) is within you, and you are now radiating its quality around you, and thus you are improving the "atmosphere" around you. People are now responding to you differently.

In this way you are creating and rehearsing the"future you" with love, wisdom and strength increasingly able to flow through you, independently of other people. It all belongs to you.

You may be surprised how you can now receive good ideas from your Higher Self, plus the qualities you need to put them into action.

OPTIONAL (if you want to consider the following in more detail):

See yourself applying certain of the Goodwill Patterns to your relationships in the coming days or weeks - here are some ideas to consider, according to the time you have available:

What are each person's basic needs in the situation? How could they be met harmlessly?

What would be Fairest for All in this situation? (More than justice or revenge)

What is the good or potential good in this situation? In yourself? In the other person(s)? How can this be given attention selectively? Are you honouring the potential for healing here?

Are there any errors in your mind that need to be corrected joyfully?

Are you taking the time to create peace within before coming to a decision or course of action?

Are you taking the widest possible view, including all the interconnectedness of people and nature - seeing things whole?

Ideas will come. If you act on them with discrimination, the flow of such ideas will increase. This is one aspect of genuine intuition.

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