Guide and forgiver, Check the body, feelings, and thoughts.

Muscle Response Testing (MRT) can be done again here - can THE FORGIVER imagine the person and say "I love...x..." or, "I can have goodwill towards ....x.... now" without loss of power? Incomplete strengthening suggests the forgiveness is only partial. More work may be needed.

GUIDE, if test is not fully strong: "Is there something else? Are you still holding on to some demand or expectation that the other person be different than the way they are? Are you still taking responsibility for something they did or are doing?" If so, repeat the process again, for each action still held against the other.

At first, the mind cannot always accept to do a blanket total forgiveness, and each incident can then best be processed separately. However, the process tends, like any skill, to improve with repetition and practise, especially if sound attention to detail is given to it. The channels open wider each time. The Goodwill Patterns become more "in place", and it becomes second nature to clear the day's incidents in this way, rather than feel bad and recount the bad news in the old way, to ourselves or others.

Forgiver, continue to send love out, especially for the most difficult relationships, - without conditions and expectations.

The power of this cannot be over-estimated. It may be the greatest service anyone can render.

ALWAYS EXAMINE YOUR WILLINGNESS TO BE FREE. If you do not get the release, ask: Is something else blocking the process? The answer will come, because at some level you know all your history. Process the new material. Throughout, and especially when completed, feel deep gratitude that you can feel love, and continue to send it out to the forgiven one. Gratitude is very powerful in restoring our life energy.

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