Examples - Position 1 and Position 2

Names used in these examples are not those of the actual participants.

1. Two Forces Colliding

[picture of Ten of Cups] [picture of Six of Pentacles] Sharon asked for a reading shortly after she reunited with her boyfriend. They had broken up a few weeks before because she wanted marriage and children, and he was reluctant. Now they were engaged. She drew the Ten of Cups as Card 1 and the Six of Pentacles as Card 2. The Ten of Cups shows the joy of romance and family that is the promise of this couple's future. Card 2 suggests that there are still issues of give-and-take to work out. The Six of Pentacles symbolizes the subtle (or not so subtle!) dance of dominance/submission that is a factor here.

2. Two Forces in Mutual Support

[picture of King of Wands] [picture of Empress] Julia did an Open Reading after quitting her job. She felt she was standing at the threshold of a new chapter in her life. She drew the King of Wands as Card 1 and the Empress as Card 2. This striking pair combines two different, but powerful forces. Julia thought these cards meant that her future would include both the creative, inspiring energy of this King and the abundant, nurturing energy of the Empress.

3. What Is True and What That Implies

[picture of Page of Swords] [picture of 9 of Pentacles] Nancy drew the Page of Swords as Card 1 and the Nine of Pentacles as Card 2. It turned out that her 8-year-old granddaughter Rose was much on her mind. Rose was quite a handful. During visits, she was often unruly and impossible to control - a real challenge (Page of Swords). The Nine of Pentacles told Nancy she would need to enforce a lot of discipline if she wanted to help Rose improve her behavior.

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