Examples - Position 3 and Position 5

Names used in these examples are not those of the actual participants.

1. Real Feelings - Expected Feelings

[picture of 10 of Wands] [picture of 10 of Cups] Nicole did a reading to find out what to do about her friend Ann. Ann had asked Nicole to lie to her (Ann's) ex-husband about where she and their children were. Nicole drew the Ten of Wands as Card 3 and the Ten of Cups as Card 5. Nicole thought she should provide love and support to Ann and try to help keep peace in their family (Ten of Cups). At a deeper level, she was having trouble saying no. She felt burdened by the responsibility of the request and resented being dragged into this messy situation (Ten of Wands).

2. Deeper Truth - Surface Appearances

[picture of Fool] [picture of 5 of Cups] You have just gone through a bitter, unwanted divorce. You do a reading to try to come to terms with this blow, and you draw the Fool as Card 3 and the 5 of Cups as Card 5. On the surface, you are feeling sad and defeated about your loss, but in fact, this change may represent an opportunity for you. The Fool suggests you may be on the threshold of a new, exciting time in your life. Deep inside, your faith in yourself is strong. Your future looks bright despite this apparent setback.

3. Higher Self - Ego-Self

[picture of Wheel of Fortune] [picture of 2 of Swords] I once did a reading to find out how I could open more completely to my higher self. I drew the Wheel of Fortune as Card 3 and the Two of Swords as Card 5. At a spiritual level, the Wheel of Fortune suggests the mystery behind everyday life. It indicates a mind ready to expand its personal vision. This card showed that a greater awareness was circling around inside, but I was blocking it. The Two of Swords told me I was choosing not to accept my inner knowing, probably because of my ego's fear.

Lesson 16

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