Examples - Position 7 and Position 8

Names used in these examples are not those of the actual participants.

1. You and Another Person

[picture of Justice] [picture of Lovers] Cynthia didn't share what was on her mind until she saw Justice as Card 7. When I told her this card can mean having to accept the results of a past action, she volunteered that she was worried about being pregnant. The timing was just not right for her and her boyfriend; however, she was comforted to see the Lovers as Card 8. This card suggests that another person - probably her boyfriend - will be loving and supportive. The Lovers card also reinforces the sexual context.

2. You and a Group

[picture of 5 of Pentacles] [picture of Hierophant] I was concerned about a drug I was being urged to take as part of a treatment program. I drew the Five of Pentacles as Card 7 and the Hierophant as Card 8. I interpreted the Hierophant as the orthodox medical establishment with its strong belief in the value of drug therapy. The Five of Pentacles shows how isolated I felt refusing to go along with the program, even though I was running the risk of illness.

3. You and the Environment

[picture of 4 of Pentacles] [picture of Ace of Pentacles] You are an enthusiastic saver. You enjoy the security of having a ready supply of cash in the bank, but now a business venture has come your way. You wonder if you should take it. You draw the 4 of Pentacles as Card 7 and the Ace of Pentacles as Card 8. The 4 shows your tendency to save, but the Ace suggests that this venture may be offering you the chance for greater financial rewards.

Lesson 16

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