Examples - Position 9

Names used in these examples are not those of the actual participants.

1. Your Guidance - the Way to Proceed

[picture of Knight of Cups] [picture of Knight of Pentacles] [picture of 2 of Cups] Two Knights once appeared in a reading for Ralph: Cups as Card 1 and Pentacles as Care 10. I sensed that this man was torn by the need to express two different sides of himself - the artistic and the practical. The key to this interpretation was provided by the Two of Cups as Card 9. It told me that Ralph needed to unite his two impulses - combine the inner aspects that were at odds.

2. Problem or Obstacle

[picture of 5 of Swords] I've learned over the years that the Five of Swords is a special symbol for me. This card almost always implies that I'm putting my own interests before those of others when it is not wise to do so. This card appeared as Card 9 for a reading about a contract concerning this course. I knew right away I would have to watch my attitude if I wanted the arrangements to go smoothly. Over time you may find that certain tarot cards become personal symbols for you as well.

3. Surprises

[picture of 5 of Wands] One day I received a letter from my son's teacher. She wanted to talk to me about an incident in class. I drew the Five of Wands as Card 9. I assumed this card meant my son was working at cross-purposes with his environment. Later, I learned the facts: my son had poked another child repeatedly with a pencil. This came as a surprise as he had never done such a thing before. In fact, the image on the Five of Pentacles was showing me the problem - a young person holding a long piece of wood (like a pencil!) and using it repeatedly as a weapon (five figures).

Lesson 16

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