Exercises - Lesson 1

Introduction to the Tarot

(See Introduction to Exercises.)

Exercise 1.1 - What Do I Believe?

Think over the ideas presented in lesson 1. Write down briefly what you do and do not believe at this time about the tarot. Assign a percentage to your beliefs where:

Exercise 1.2 - Getting to Know a Card

Shuffle your tarot deck and choose a card. Look at the image for a while. Ask yourself these questions: When you are through, go to the information page for that card and read through the actions. Compare these to your impressions. Do not be concerned if your ideas do not match mine. Your intuition is working and already giving you some unique insights! You can repeat this exercise with as many cards as you like.

Exercise 1.3 - How Do I Contribute to "Random" Events?

Choose an event from your past in which you felt victimized by forces over which you had little control. List ways you actually did contribute to this event. My camera and typewriter were once stolen from my apartment. I didn't give the robber a map, but I: This list include choices I made and those I failed to make. Some relate to the robbery and some to bigger issues. None of these choices is wrong, but they all have effects that contribute to "random" events.

Exercise 1.4 - Answers from Nowhere

Try this exercise when you're in a library or bookstore. Think about a problem that concerns you. Close your eyes, and suggest silently to your Inner Guide that you are seeking advice. Ask it to help you learn what you need to know.

Now, wander freely through the aisles. Avoid noticing where you are; just trust your inner promptings to guide you. When you feel ready, pick up a book and open to a page. Read the entire page, and try to relate what is there to your problem. You may be surprised to find just what you needed. If the information doesn't seem related, pretend the message is in a code that you must decipher. Look for a subtle meaning. Meaning is everywhere - literally at your fingertips - but you must seek it out.

Exercise 1.5 - You Can Get What You Need

Before going to bed, take a five dollar bill in your hand, close your eyes and ask that you be shown during the day how to use this five dollars to benefit yourself or the world. (A five dollar bill is a practical symbol of the means by which we carry out our purposes in life.)

Place the money under your pillow. In the morning, repeat your request, and then take the bill with you. During the day, keep alert for a sign of how to use it. Stay focused so you don't miss the slightest clue. You will recognize the moment when you feel a little jolt. If nothing strikes you the first day, continue for one week. Give the world a good chance to respond. Try not to forget your morning and evening requests. The strength of your intent and commitment is important.

Later, think about the implications of this approach to the world. Life will bring you what you seek if you ask and trust, but the answer may not be in the form you expect!

Lesson 1

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