Exercises - Lesson 16

Position Pairs in the Celtic Cross

(See Introduction to Exercises.)

Exercise 16.1 - Traditional Position Pairs in the Celtic Cross

Create a Celtic Cross layout using any ten cards from the deck placed face down. For each of the six situations below, do the following:
- Imagine you are doing a Celtic Cross reading, and you have drawn the two cards listed under (A).
- Find these cards and place them face up in the positions indicated. (Remove the cards that are there.)
- Write a short interpretation of these two cards as a pair. Use the examples in lesson 16 as a model.
- Turn these cards face down.
- For extra practice, repeat steps 1-4 using the second set of cards (B).
You can check my suggestions, if you wish.

  1. Your 8-year-old has come home from school in tears. His teacher tore up his homework because he didn't follow directions and his handwriting was sloppy.
    (A) (B)
    Position 1 Page of Cups Two of Pentacles
    Position 2 Knight of Pentacles Judgement

  2. You're afraid your partner is having an affair. You want to believe it isn't true, but you're suspicions.
    (A) (B)
    Position 3 Six of Cups Seven of Cups
    Position 5 Moon King of Swords

  3. One member of your work team is not pulling his weight. You've let the problem go in the past, but now his laziness is really hurting the group.
    (A) (B)
    Position 4 Two of Swords Ten of Wands
    Position 6 Three of Wands Strength

  4. For seven years, you've owned and operated a store with a partner. Now, she wants to leave with her share. You will have to sell the store to buy her out.
    (A) (B)
    Position 7 Ten of Pentacles Queen of Cups
    Position 8 Death Queen of Pentacles

  5. You've fallen in love with someone that your parents would not find acceptable. So far, you've kept your relationship secret, but you can't continue hiding forever.
    (A) (B)
    Position 5 Three of Swords Wheel of Fortune
    Position 10 World Fool

  6. You've done an Other Reading about a public figure who is being investigated for financial improprieties. (Note the different positions for the second card of each set).
    (A) (B)
    Position 9 Two of Wands Eight of Wands
    Position 4 Seven of Swords
    Position 8 Emperor

Exercise 16.2 - Other Pairings in the Celtic Cross

Below are some new Celtic Cross pairings. For each one, write a brief description of what you could learn from that pair. You can check my suggestions, if you wish. For example:

Position 1 - Position 4 = how something from the past (4) is influencing the present (1)

  1. Position 1 - Position 6
  2. Position 1 - Position 7
  3. Position 2 - Position 5
  4. Position 2 - Position 8
  5. Position 3 - Position 4
  6. Position 3 - Position 10
  7. Position 4 - Position 8
  8. Position 5 - Position 7
  9. Position 6 - Position 10

Exercise 16.3 - Re-examining your Celtic Cross Readings for Pairs

Reexamine the reading you did in exercise 8.1 in light of your new understanding of pairs in the Celtic Cross. Can you discover any new insights? Check the obvious pair positions, but look for others as well. You may be surprised at what you find...or you may not notice anything new at all. Review other readings in this way for extra practice.

Lesson 16

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