Exercises - Lesson 2

The Major Arcana

(See Introduction to Exercises.)

Exercise 2.1 - Studying the Major Arcana cards

Spend a few minutes looking at the Card Section so you understand how to use it. Become familiar with keywords and actions as I use these terms in the lessons. Don't worry about memorizing anything. The goal is simply to get comfortable with the information.

Now, choose a major arcana card from the deck and go to its information page. Notice how the keywords reinforce each other to create a certain kind of energy or focus. Note also how the actions flesh out the keywords. Read the description, but just glance at the "opposing" and "reinforcing" sections for now. You will learn more about these in lesson 15. You can repeat this exercise for as many major arcana cards as you like.

Exercise 2.2 - Fool's Journey

The Fool's Journey is an interpretation of how the major arcana symbolizes the stages of inner growth. Read this description now. It may deepen your understanding of the major arcana cards and help you appreciate their power as archetypes of the human condition. As you continue the lessons, keep in mind how these 22 cards work together as a unit. Be open to the possibility that you may develop your own ideas about these cards and what they mean.

Lesson 2

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