Exercises - Lesson 3

The Minor Arcana

(See Introduction to Exercises.)

Exercise 3.1 - What are the Suit Qualities?

Review the lists of suit qualities. They describe some positive and negative expressions of each suit. Don't try to memorize these lists. They are simply designed to give you a first feel for the energy of each suit. When you're ready, go through the word pairs below. For each pair, give the suit and expression (+ or -) that seems most appropriate to you. For "dependable and careful" you might say "Pentacles - positive." You can check my suggestions, if you wish. When your choices are different from mine, try to figure out why. In this way, you begin refining your own understanding of each suit. You can also have a friend quiz you using new two-word combinations from the lists.

  1. sullen and lazy
  2. prim and humorless
  3. witty and well-informed
  4. judgmental and controlling
  5. cheerful and bold
  6. thorough and practical
  7. calm and sympathetic
  8. logical and outspoken
  9. irresponsible and cocky
  10. loyal and down-to-earth
  11. critical and arrogant
  12. whole-hearted and passionate
  13. temperamental and sulky
  14. sensitive and loving
  15. foolhardy and rash
  16. moody and frail
  17. stubborn and gloomy
  18. honest and objective
  19. persistent and firm
  20. aloof and domineering
  21. spiritual and intuitive
  22. hasty and unprepared
  23. creative and adventurous
  24. overcautious and rigid

Exercise 3.2 - Suit Qualities - Clear-cut Examples

Many aspects of daily life reflect the energy of one suit in particular. For each activity below, state the suit and expression you believe fits that activity best, and name a few qualities that support your choice. Going skydiving might be a "Wands-positive" activity because you must be "daring, energetic and confident." (or a Wands-negative activity because it is "foolhardy and reckless!)" You can check my suggestions, if you wish.

  1. always needing to have everything just so
  2. getting drunk the night before an important exam
  3. being where you say you will, every time
  4. solving a math problem
  5. using the tarot cards
  6. cheering your team on to victory
  7. listening to a friend talk about her troubles
  8. making a cruel, sarcastic remark
  9. refusing to apologize when you're wrong
  10. treating those "beneath" you with disdain
  11. seeing a project through to the end
  12. brooding over a perceived slight
  13. volunteering for a dangerous, but vital mission
  14. quitting your job in a moment of anger
  15. arbitrating a dispute
  16. finding dirty work distasteful

Exercise 3.3 - Suit Qualities - Blended Examples

In most events, the four suit qualities blend together. For each activity below, name two positive suit qualities that would contribute to success and two negative ones that would take away from it. Do this for each suit. For example:

to keep love alive....
- Wands: be passionate and enthusiastic, but not impatient and hot-tempered
- Cups: be romantic and loving, but not broody and touchy
- Swords: be honest and honorable, but not cold and judgmental
- Pentacles: be loyal and dependable, but not unexciting and inflexible

  1. managing a project
  2. creating a work of art
  3. raising a child
  4. closing a sale

Exercise 3.4 - Suit Qualities in Yourself

The different suit qualities combine in each person to create his or her personality. Examine yourself in light of the four suits. Ask yourself these questions: You can repeat this exercise with another person as the subject.

Lesson 3

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