Exercises - Lesson 4

The Spread

(See Introduction to Exercises.)

Exercise 4.1 - Celtic Cross Spread

Spend a few minutes looking at the Celtic Cross Section so you understand how it is set up. Don't worry about memorizing anything. The goal is simply to get comfortable with the information.

Now, lay out ten cards of your choice using this spread. Read the page for each position one by one. Think about the meaning each card takes on because it falls in a certain position. You will learn more about this later, but just speculate for now.

Exercise 4.2 - Designing a Spread

You can design spreads yourself to suit your needs. Create for yourself now a three-card tarot spread. Follow these steps:

[picture of 3-card time spread] This is a basic three-card spread that covers events in time.

[picture of 3-person team spread] Here's a spread to use when you belong to a three-person team and want to know the expectations of the members (including yourself). The cards form a "Y" with the tops facing inward. This pattern suggests a meeting of the minds.

Design your layout so it reflects the meanings of the positions. To expand on this exercise, work with four, five or more cards.

Lesson 4

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