Each Ace represents the qualities of its suit in their purest form. An Ace always adds something special to a reading. It stands out from the other cards as if in a circle of its own light. The images on the Aces are all similar. A strong hand, glowing with energy, comes out of a cloud grasping the token of its suit. An Ace "hands" you a gift that comes from some unknown source hidden in the clouds. The nature of the gift is symbolized by the suit token.

[picture of Ace of Wands]

Ace of Wands

A wand is a strong, masculine object, alive with potent force. Leaves are growing as new life bursts forth. The wand reminds us of a magic wand used to perform miracles and create wonders. The gift of the Ace of Wands is creativity, enthusiasm, courage and confidence.
[picture of Ace of Cups]

Ace of Cups

A cup is an open, feminine object - a receptacle designed to hold nourishing liquids. Water pours from the cup showing there is a never-ending supply of refreshment flowing into the world. The gift of the Ace of Cups is emotion, intuition, intimacy and love.
[picture of Ace of Swords]

Ace of Swords

A Sword is a weapon - a finely crafted tool to cut through any obstacle or confusion. A sword extends the power of its user to fight and prevail. It can wield a cruel force, but also a clean, sharp one. The gift of the Ace of Swords is mental clarity, truth, justice and fortitude.
[picture of Ace of Pentacles]

Ace of Pentacles

The pentacle is a magical sign for the mystery of nature and the everyday world. It is stamped on a coin, the token of material exchange. With money and raw materials, we have the wherewithal to make our dreams real. The gift of the Ace of Pentacles is prosperity, practicality, security and the ability to manifest.

Aces are portals between the realms of the major and minor arcanas. They allow powerful, but impersonal forces to come into your life. An Ace in a reading shows that its qualities are becoming available to you. If you take advantage of them, you will achieve greater happiness and success. An Ace is always interpreted as beneficial, positive and life-enhancing.

An Ace can indicate a new adventure is beginning. I once saw the Ace of Cups in Position 1 for a friend's reading about her new love affair. What better card to signal the beginning of love and intimacy? (Well ... possibly the Fool, but that's another story!)

An Ace can also represent a window of opportunity that is opening. The Ace tells you to pay attention so you don't miss it. Think of an Ace as a seed of possibility that will grow given your attention and care.

[picture of Ace of Pentacles] [picture of Ace of Wands] A relative once drew the Ace of Pentacles in Position 1 and the Ace of Wands in Position 2 - a dynamic combination that says "Look for a real, creative outlet for your energies that will bring greater prosperity." Several months later, she told me that - encouraged by this sign - she pursued a challenging opening at her workplace and was now making more money with greater personal satisfaction.

When you are working with an Ace, look for the potential in every situation. See how you might take advantage of whatever comes your way because you will have the chance to make real and important changes in your life.

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