Suggestions for Exercises - Lesson 14

Exercise 14.2 - Kings

  1. King of Cups: I would sit down with my spouse to discuss his/her concerns. -- (caring)
  2. King of Pentacles: I would give him five dollars. He probably needs it more than I do. -- (supporting)
  3. King of Swords: I would ask my daughter for her story before making any judgments. -- (just)
  4. King of Wands: I would booby trap my car so an alarm goes off if my roommate starts it. -- (creative)
  5. King of Pentacles: I would tell my friend "Sorry, they need me at work." -- (reliable)
  6. King of Swords: I would accept the invitation because I'm an excellent public speaker. -- (articulate)
  7. King of Cups: I would smile and patiently give my order a third time. -- (patient)
  8. King of Wands: I would call a huddle and get everyone fired up again. -- (inspiring)

Exercise 14.3 - Queens

  1. Queen of Cups: My cousin is going to need extra love and support. -- (loving)
  2. Queen of Pentacles: I can figure out a way to get the keys if I put my mind to it. -- (resourceful)
  3. Queen of Swords: What's the real reason I was given this hopeless project? -- (astute)
  4. Queen of Wands: I'll have extra energy when I lose weight. -- (energetic)
  5. Queen of Pentacles: I'll keep this secret since my friend entrusted me with it. -- (trustworthy)
  6. Queen of Swords: I'll be open and honest in this interview so there are no misunderstandings. -- (honest)
  7. Queen of Cups: I can use this time to meditate and recenter myself. -- (spiritual)
  8. Queen of Wands: I know I can make new friends easily. -- (self-assured)

Exercise 14.4 - Knights

  1. Knight of Cups: You're too sulky. You're oversensitive. Your emotions are ruling you.
  2. Knight of Wands: You're boasting. Bragging doesn't impress. You're too focused on appearances.
  3. Knight of Pentacles: You're too cautious. You're settling for less. You're afraid to risk.
  4. Knight of Wands: You act without thinking. You're too angry. You're adding to the fighting.
  5. Knight of Swords: You're too blunt. You're too critical. People have feelings.
  6. Knight of Cups: You're too jealous. You're overemotional. You're imagining things.
  7. Knight of Swords: You're too domineering. You're insensitive. Your son isn't your slave.
  8. Knight of Pentacles: You're too stubborn. You won't compromise. You're afraid to change.

Exercise 14.8 - Court Cards in Action

Two interpretations are given for each card. Bold phrases are card meanings. Italic phrases are position meanings.
  1. Knight of Swords - Position 5

    King of Wands - Position 9

  2. Queen of Cups - Position 6

    King of Swords - Position 7

  3. Queen of Pentacles - Position 1

    Page of Cups - Position 2

  4. Queen of Wands - Position 4

    Knight of Cups - Position 8

  5. Knight of Pentacles - Position 10

    Page of Swords - Position 3

  6. Knight of Wands - Position 2

    King of Pentacles - Position 9

  7. Queen of Swords - Position 3

    Page of Wands - Position 7

  8. Page of Pentacles - Position 8

    King of Cups - Position 1

Exercises for Lesson 14

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