Suggestions for Exercises - Lesson 16

Exercise 16.1 - Traditional Position Pairs in the Celtic Cross

Bold phrases refer to card meanings. Italic phrases refer to position meanings.
  1. Position 1 -- Position 2
    (A) Page of Cups -- Knight of Pentacles
    My son is a sweet, sensitive guy who takes everything to heart. His teacher is too inflexible and grim. She's driving my son too hard by insisting on an unreasonable level of perfection.

    (B) Two of Pentacles -- Judgement
    The central conflict is that school should be fun and enjoyable, not a place for harsh, public Judgement. I can help my son learn to cope better and be more resilient at school. I must make sure my own judgments are fair.

  2. Position 3 -- Position 5
    (A) Six of Cups -- Moon
    On the surface, I'm beset by fears and doubts. Perhaps I'm deluding myself. The deeper truth may be that there is good will. My partner is probably innocent.

    (B) Seven of Cups -- King of Swords
    The source of the problem is that I'm letting my imagination run wild. I can't separate fact from fiction. I must find out the facts. Be fair and honest. Refuse to let emotion cloud my reason. On the other hand, have I forgotten to be loving in my concern with the truth?

  3. Position 4 -- Position 6
    (A) Two of Swords -- Three of Wands
    I've ignored the warning signs of trouble in the past. I've avoided the problem because dealing with it would be unpleasant. I'm going to have to demonstrate leadership. My team is counting on me to take charge and provide direction.

    (B) Ten of Wands -- Strength
    I've been covering for this employee. It's been hard on everyone having to shoulder his share of the load, but if I'm patient, he may yet become an asset. It will take extra resolve on my part.

  4. Position 7 -- Position 8
    (A) Ten of Pentacles -- Death
    I want to continue as I am. The store is successful and well-established, and I feel secure and happy there. My partner wants to end our collaboration and move on to something else.

    (B) Queen of Cups -- Queen of Pentacles
    To me, the store is more than just a job. I have put my heart into it. I feel the same way about my partner, but she has a more practical, matter-of-fact point of view. To her, a business is a business. Moving on is not a big, emotional deal.

  5. Position 5 -- Position 10
    (A) Three of Swords -- World
    I'm worried there will be a horrible scene that might lead to a break-up. In fact, my fears may be groundless. We may all come together in the end. I may yet achieve my heart's desire.

    (B) Wheel of Fortune -- Fool
    Both cards suggest there is a mysterious element to this love that I must honor. I think this relationship is a major turning point, one that is destined to be. If I have faith in my choice and trust my heart, all will be well. It will be a new beginning for me.

  6. Position 9 -- Position 4
    (A) Two of Wands -- Seven of Swords
    This politician was involved in something shady in the past. There is some hidden dishonor. The key appears to be his desire for personal power and influence. This politician is bold and direct in going after what he wants.

    Position 9 -- Position 8
    (B) Eight of Wands - Emperor
    The investigation will likely move into high gear soon as new information comes to light. This politician is running up against the power and authority of the Justice System.

Exercise 16.2 - Other Pairings in the Celtic Cross

  1. Position 1 - Position 6
    1. how the current situation (1) is drawing people or events to you (6)
    2. how the present (1) will evolve in the near future (6)
  2. Position 1 - Position 7
    1. how some aspect of you (7) is influencing the current situation (1)
    2. how an ideal aspect of you (7) could alter the present environment (1)
  3. Position 2 - Position 5
    1. how a factor for change (2) is affecting your point of view (5)
    2. how an opposing force (2) could cause an alternate outcome (5)
  4. Position 2 - Position 8
    1. two sources of information about an opposing factor (2) in the environment (8)
    2. how another's point of view (8) might act as a supporting element (2)
  5. Position 3 - Position 4
    1. how something from the past (4) is the root cause of the situation (3)
    2. how something that needs to be discarded (4) is still an unacknowledged goal (3)
  6. Position 3 - Position 10
    1. how an unconscious influence (3) is impacting the projected outcome (10)
    2. how some hidden agenda (3) is dictating the projected outcome (10)
    Position 4 - Position 8
    1. how a person from the past (4) is still part of the environment (8)
    2. how others (8) are still expecting you to be the way you were in the past (4)
  7. Position 5 - Position 7
    1. how your self-image (7) is affecting your attitudes (5)
    2. how the role you've given yourself (7) is shaping your expectations for the future (5)
  8. Position 6 - Position 10
    1. what the future will hold both in the short-term (6) and long-term (10)
    2. what could eventually happen (10) if you embrace a certain way of being (6)

Exercises for Lesson 16

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