Suggestions for Exercises - Lesson 17

Exercise 17.2 - Interpreting Reversed Cards

  1. Three of Wands - reversed
    I'm in a rut. I rarely break out of my normal routine to seek new experiences.

  2. Chariot - reversed
    My desire to get my own way is being thwarted, but my win at work will mean little if my family is unhappy.

  3. Ace of Swords - reversed
    I don't feel like getting too involved in this cause.

  4. Tower - reversed
    There is a small chance my run of good fortune could end suddenly.

  5. Knight of Swords - reversed
    My cousin is a great talker, but he's not that knowledgeable about the technical aspects of this field.

  6. Four of Cups - reversed
    I'm beginning to lose interest in this relationship. I feel a small, but growing urge to withdraw.

  7. Six of Pentacles - reversed
    I'm not sure I have enough physical and emotional resources to support my daughter through this crisis in my home.

  8. Page of Cups - reversed
    My feelings of love and tenderness for my baby are begin drowned out by my need for sleep!

  9. Temperance - reversed
    I'm pretty low on patience right now. I'm tempted to take drastic action.

  10. Death - reversed
    An important inner change is struggling to happen, but my fears are blocking it.

Exercise 17.3 - Upside-Down Meanings

The effect of the reversal is in italics.
  1. Justice - reversed
    1. This verdict is crazy! Justice has been turned on its head.
    2. This decision has tipped the scales against me. (See image.)

  2. Page of Swords - reversed
    1. This child is so contrary. She defies me at every turn!
    2. These results are illogical - the opposite of what we expected.

  3. Hanged Man - reversed
    1. I don't know if I'm up or down. Nothing is the way it seems.
    2. I sacrificed everything, but look at me now! I'm back on my feet. (See image.)

  4. Four of Wands - reversed
    1. The celebration wasn't what I expected. It turned sour on me.
    2. I mustn't get too excited. I've got to play it cool.

  5. Ace of Pentacles - reversed
    1. I can't seem to hold onto my money. It just slips through my fingers. (See image.)
    2. I don't feel stable. The ground keeps shifting under me.

  6. Knight of Cups - reversed
    1. One day I'm up, the next day I'm down. These mood swings are difficult.
    2. I pretend I don't have strong feelings, but I do.

  7. Six of Swords - reversed
    1. This "boat" is going to capsize. (See image.)
    2. I refuse to stay depressed. I'm going to have some fun.

  8. Hierophant - reversed
    1. I'm dropping out of school.
    2. I don't see my religion the same way anymore.

    Three of Pentacles - reversed

    1. The team's reversed direction.
    2. I'm not going to plan. I'm just going to be spontaneous.

Exercises for Lesson 17

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