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Cosmic Tarot


Major Arcana Wands Cups Swords Pentacles

0 The Fool
Dignified: Wisdom of innocence, originality, annulment of reason, frivolity, without discipline, ecstasy, delirium, madness, foolishness

I The Magician
Dignified: elementary knowledge, determination, skill, juggling, initiative, agitation, disgrace, immaturity.

II The High Priestess
Dignified: mystery, hidden knowledge, intuition, initiation, the unconscious, mental power, silence, superstition, presumption, superficial.

III The Empress
Dignified: feminine wisdom, feminine power, sensuality, beauty, culture, abundance, boredom, lethargy, temptation through earthly things.

IV The Emperor
Dignified: masculine power, shaping of the material World, rulership, will, severity, stability, power and its danger, force.

V The Hierophant
Dignified: intellectual leadership, initiation, occult powers, secret knowledge, religion, humility, false guru, hypocrisy, theoretical knowledge, hierarchy, disbelief, distrust.

VI The Lovers
Dignified: union, love, blend of opposites, Tantra, understanding of the cosmic dance, harmony, discernment, decision, enticement, temptation, doubts.

VII The Chariot
Dignified: triumph, mental and physical balance, commitment, dynamic, examination, hard work, obstacles, failure.

VIII Justice
Dignified: Justice through knowledge of a higher order, union of opposites, balance, virtue, kindness, dignity, fairness, law, selfishness, lack of principles, injustice, prejudice, lack of harmony, stubbornness.

IX The Hermit
Dignified: seclusion, solitude, wisdom, cleverness, distance, discernment, self-control, discipline, awareness, autonomy, guidelines, reliability, alienation, loneliness.

X Wheel of Fortune
Dignified: realization of the cosmic order, application of higher laws, dance of energies, constant changes, as above so below, turning point, search for the center, out of control, quest for power.

XI Strength
Dignified: energy, enjoying the dance of life, strength, creative energy, mastery, wildness, transformation of energies, determination to live, striving for power, vice.

XII The Hanged Man
Dignified: overcoming obstacles through devotion. Changes, prudence, peace of mind, expanded consciousness, insight, sacrifice, renunciation, self-deceit, selfishness, loss.

XIII Death
Dignified: the end, transition, transformation, a boundary was reached, giving up the existing, time elapses, separation, release, settlement, stagnation, sorrow.

XIV Temperance
Dignified: harmony, mental equilibrium, the middle path, improvement, union, rejuvenation, patience, coordination, carelessness, indecision.

XV The Devil
Dignified: victory of materialism, black magic, occult powers, dependence, slavery, passion, egoism, perversion, wrong proportions, overcoming of own fears, perception of the inner demon.

XVI The Tower
Dignified: forced change, breakdown, ruin, fight, catastrophe, destruction, breaking up of constricting convictions, arrogance, intolerance, disappointment, chance for a new start, liberation, enthusiasm.

XVII The Star
Dignified: beauty, inspiration, hope, brilliance, clarity, to give and take, unconventional, dreams, fantasies, resignation.

XVIII The Moon
Dignified: the unconscious, hidden mental power, to forget oneself, salvation, mercy, great love, darkness, secret, drunkenness, hysteria.

XIX The Sun
Dignified: light, openness, completion, warmth, favorable relationship, satisfaction, energy, idealism, devotion, passion, home country, harmlessness, lack of criticism, arrogance.

XX Judgment
Dignified: breakthrough, transformation, waking up the latent powers, forgiveness, disillusionment, stuck to the old path, settlement.

XXI The World
Dignified: synthesis of the elements; the cosmic dance, unity, success, understanding, perfect application of what was previously learnt, forgetting the center, fear of devotion, restricted views, inertia, selfishness, lack of commitment.


Major Arcana Wands Cups Swords Pentacles

Ace of Wands
Dignified: A wand sends out its energy as a symbol of the element fire in its original form. Meaning: origin, beginning, source, birth, creativity, blind power, inheritance, identity, self-realization.

Two of Wands
Dignified: dominion, superiority, authority, success by understanding the opposites, hesitation, contradictory events, sadness.

Three of Wands
Dignified: virtue, growth, success through self-confidence, dreams become true, manifested will, activity, joy of discovering, prevention of confrontations.

Four of Wands
Dignified: completion, rise, clarification, peace , joy of life, fiery love, guilelessness.

Five of Wands
Dignified: strife, confrontation, argument, support, concentrated energy push, blockade, dilution of efforts.

Six of Wands
Dignified: victory, forces in balance, success, hope, good news, anxiety.

Seven of Wands
Dignified: valor, action without planning, negotiation, contest, strife for success, courage, worry, agitation, perplexity.

Eight of Wands
Dignified: swiftness, movement, activity, enthusiasm, new solutions, haste, serious problems, doubt, remorse.

Nine of Wands
Dignified: strength, self-determination, revealed passions, new self-confidence, ,,tense" times, delay.

Ten of Wands
Dignified: oppression, last effort, stubbornness, burden, intrigue, difficulties, link between strong oppositions, fulfilling of great wishes, new standard of life.

Princess of Wands
Dignified: spontaneous, energetic, willing to accept risks, impulsive, passionate both in love and anger, superficial, disloyal, unstable, cruel.

Prince of Wands
Dignified: strong, righteous, noble, humorous, impulsive, friendly, proud, committed, romantic, pretentious, intolerant, judges with prejudice.

Queen of Wands
Dignified: honorable, energetic, friendly, kind, strong will, impatient, stubborn, down to earth, domineering, vengeful.

King of Wands
Dignified: vivid, strong will, looking for adventures, conscious of his responsibility, creative, generous, ascetic, hard, impetuous, fanatic.


Major Arcana Wands Cups Swords Pentacles Ace of Cups
Dignified: abundance, satisfaction, joy, fertility, fulfillment, change, instability, unsettled.

Two of Cups
Dignified: love and its uniting power, union, harmony, strong links, sympathy, contradictory feelings, unrequited love, false relationship.

Three of Cups
Dignified: abundance, exuberance, comfort, bliss, healing, happy end, physical pleasure, excessively emotional, confused emotions.

Four of Cups
Dignified: exuberance, uncertain feelings, weakness, decay, joy, refusal, insight, reflection, new possibilities, anticipation.

Five of Cups
Dignified: disappointment, regret, sorrow, remorse, inheritance, new relationship, discovery of inner sources, return.

Six of Cups
Dignified: effortless harmony, joy, satisfaction, nice memories, recovered joy, renewal, chance, remembrance, longing, uncontrolled emotions.

Seven of Cups
Dignified: illusion, daydreams, ruin, imagination, delusion, illusionary success, testing of wishes and fears, productive power of fantasy, dreamwork.

Eight of Cups
Dignified: resignation, giving up projects, excessive modesty, interruption, reason before feeling, new point of view, strong needs.

Nine of Cups
Dignified: happiness, wealth, material advantage, success, physical well-being, imperfection, indifference, lack of sensitivity.

Ten of Cups
Dignified: perfect success, satiety, calm, satisfaction, oversaturation, wishful thinking, aimlessness, disturbances after the climax .

Princess of Cups
Dignified: sentimental, pensive, quiet, tender, romantic, kind, gentle, dreamy, sensitive, unconcentrated, indolent, insecure.

Prince of Cups
Dignified: mysterious, inviting, challenging, skilled, plenty of imagination, searching, tricky, unscrupulous, clever, cunning, inconsiderate.

Queen of Cups
Dignified: graceful, beautiful, kind, noble, dignified, tolerant, mediating, poetic, subjective, vicious, unreliable.

King of Cups
Dignified: friendly, polite, humane, gifted, gentle, emotional, longing, enthusiastic, eager, attracted by the secret and the uncanny, indolent, dishonest, melancholy, easy to influence, hurting, tending to excesses.


Major Arcana Wands Cups Swords Pentacles Bottom

Ace of Swords
Dignified: power, triumph, conquest, mental power, many-sided, ambiguous, suppressed thinking.

Two of Swords
Dignified: balance through understanding, peace, calm, familiarity, ambiguity, vagueness, contradictory thoughts, two-faced, disloyalty.

Three of Swords
Dignified: sorrow, merciless, separation, alienation, grief, error, conscious insight, decisive realization.

Four of Swords
Dignified: truce, calm after a conflict, interval, retreat, agreement, concentration, mental work, mental challenges.

Five of Swords
Dignified: disgrace, weakness, blame, late insight, acceptance of the unavoidable, clear perspective, new knowledge.

Six of Swords
Dignified: science, deserved success, achieved balance, intelligent behavior, explanation, change in the way of thinking, new mental orientation, conscious association.

Seven of Swords
Dignified: uselessness, attempt, vain effort, inconstant behavior, tolerance, unclear intention, advice, the own way, consciously defining a goal.

Eight of Swords
Dignified: disturbance, interference, limitation, conflict, blame, resistance, problematic thoughts, mental prison, delimitation of the own ideas, great mental tasks.

Nine of Swords
Dignified: despair, sadness, failure, negative thoughts, fear, acceptance of the reality, self-realization, brilliant ideas.

Ten of Swords
Dignified: ruin, destruction, defeat, mental confusion, desolation, overwhelming thoughts, the lowest point was reached, acceptance of the unexpected, new mental horizons.

Princess of Swords
Dignified: conscious, skillful, practical abilities, observing, powerful, serious, severe, tricky, frivolous, vulnerable, aggressive.

Prince of Swords
Dignified: brave, fast, foreseeing, agile, inventive, clever, courageous, a loyal friend, belligerent, daring, destructive, conceited.

Queen of Swords
Dignified: conscious, concentrated, severe, graceful, attentive, quick perception, advising, good at repartee, cunning, cruel.

King of Swords
Dignified: powerful, daring, authoritative, sharp-witted, superior, reserved, narrow-minded, stubborn, tyrannical, mean.


Major Arcana Wands Cups Swords Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles
Dignified: wealth, riches, fertility, perfection, dowry, personal talent, personal task.

Two of Pentacles
Dignified: changes, attraction between opposites, harmonious change, cheerfulness, new complications, excitement, news, message, contradictory chances, contradictory tasks.

Three of Pentacles
Dignified: work, material foundation, effort, skill, reputation, perseverance, obstinacy, fame, narrow-minded, weakness, mediocrity.

Four of Pentacles
Dignified: power, love for material prosperity, legacy, gift, great talent, clinging to property, avarice, obstacles, pride.

Five of Pentacles
Dignified: worry, torture, chaos, poverty, effort, tension, need, idleness, immorality, belief in the future, reconciliation.

Six of Pentacles
Dignified: success, stability, gifts, right timing, generosity, kindness, indulgence, desire, envy, jealousy.

Seven of Pentacles
Dignified: failure, bad business, hard work, little success, hazardous speculation, inventiveness, own points of view, good business.

Eight of Pentacles
Dignified: wisdom, reason, skill, humbleness, cleverness, fulfilling work, ambition, vanity, greed.

Nine of Pentacles
Dignified: gain, growth, popularity, property, abundance, material wealth, waste, diversion, threatened security.

Ten of Pentacles
Dignified: riches, wealth, security, home, safety, inheritance, family affairs, happiness, developed talents, lively habits, venture, danger, loss.

Princess of Pentacles
Dignified: young, strong, promising, careful, communicating, fond of luxury, spoiled.

Prince of Pentacles
Dignified: persistent, inventive, reliable, ready to help, solid, true, methodical, pensive, practical, patient, indolent, stubborn, apathetic, limited, merciless.

Queen of Pentacles
Dignified: kind-hearted, gentle, quiet, benevolent, friendly, rich, zealous, domestic, striving, with strong roots, submissive, impersonal, phlegmatic.

King of Pentacles
Dignified: a capable business person, diligent, patient, talented in mathematics, wealthy, prudent, tender, Epicurean, greedy, stubborn, corrupt.

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