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Contest Entries:


Link to Spread 7 in pdf format

Spread 1: 

"Waves of Change"  This spread is laid out in a wave pattern: card one is up,
2 is lower, 3 is at card 1's level, 4 is at card two's level, 5 is with one
and three.
Anyway, this spread is to use when you know what job you are switching to.
It is designed to show you how to best approach your new job.

1.  What attitude you must leave behind at your old job.
2.  Characteristic that did not serve you well at the old job, but will at the new.
3.  Thought to take you forward toward the next level of insight concerning your new job.
4.  Characteristic that served you well in the old job, but will not in the new.
5.  What attitude take with you from the old job into the new.


Spread 2:

"Love Match?"
1   2  3  4   5
I compare cards 1 and 5 to see if they complement or contradict each other.
I also compare cards 3 and 4 to make sure the querant is actually looking for
what s/he needs in a lover.  Card 2 gives insight into why the querant is
asking the question.  Afterall, if you think you have found your 'soul mate',
then why are you asking me? The arrangement is supposed to resemble a key hole :)
1.  Querant's ideal mate
2.  The Querant at present
3.  What Querant seeks
4.  What Querant needs
5.  Querant's current love(r)

Spread 3, 4 (Submitted once for Relationship category and once for Job category):

This is a spread to use when you find yourself faced with a choice between two options. You have come to a fork in the road and must choose either the right hand or the left hand pathway.  You can not go any further without making a decision. Lay the cards out in the shape of a "V" with card number one at the point closest to you. this card may be chosen by the querant as a significator or it can be the card at the top of the deck when shuffling is complete. Cards 2 and 3 are on the right. Cards 4 and 5 on the left. Before viewing the cards it is important to decide which choice is represented by which pathway. I have used a spread similar to this, but with more cards and have gotten some very interesting readings.  I think this spread would be applicable to both relationships and jobs so I will post it twice.....:-)
Fork in the Road Spread
1 - present position, major personal influences impacting this choice.
2 - choice "A" what do I need to know of this choice
3 - what might the future hold if I choose path "A".
4 - choice "B"  what do I need to know of this choice?
5 - what might the future hold if I choose path "B"?

Spread 5:

All of the above, together point to finding a new job. In case this doesn't look right it is supposed to be an arrow which points to a new job.
Position 1 ~ What strengths do you bring in finding a new job?
Position 2 ~ What weaknesses do you bring in finding a new job?
Position 3 ~ What do you need to know to bring balance to 1 and 2?
Position 4 ~ What will aid in pursuit of a new job?
Position 5 ~ What will be the end results?

Spread 6:

Description Feline Relationship Spread

First, shuffle deck thoroughly.  Then, with a quick, upward motion fling the
cards into the air.  When they land, place your cat, with the adhesive of your
choice (Eddie prefers bubble gum) on his feet, in the middle of the cards.  The
four card spread resulting should be read as follows: right front foot,  left
front foot, left rear foot, right rear foot.  Cards stuck with the face toward
the foot are read normally, ones with the back stuck to the foot are considered
"reversed".  Any other cards stuck to the cat in any other fashion are considered
"bonus" cards to modify the reading.  Where they might get stuck, and how, is
your problem.  So is getting the cards unstuck from an angry cat.

Warning spread creator is not responsible for injuries caused by putting gum on
cats paws or handling cat.  We are also not responsible for removing gum from
floors, ceilings, hair, fur, tarot cards or any other objects.   Removing cards
from feet should be done very quickly and carefully.

Spread Positions:
Card 1- right front foot - Catnip - What you want from the
Card 2 -left front foot - chicken, fish, or beef-  What you need from the
Card 3 - left rear foot - litter box- things in the relationship you need to
leave behind you.
Card 4 - right rear foot - grooming -something that needs to be looked at to move
forward in the relationship.
Card 5 - purrs-  Other part of the cats anatomy "Bonus card" - What is the
potential for the relationship?



Contest Rules:

1.  The spread should contain no more than 5 cards/positions.
2.  The spread should be based on one of two distinct categories:

    a.  Relationship spread

    b.  New job spread

3.  You may enter spreads in both categories.
4.  The spread should be an original creation not a modification of a spread you find elsewhere.
5.  All entries should be received no later than May 31, 2004.
6.  The spreads will be tested in chat and the members will vote via a poll set up on our offsite web page.  The Managers will announce which night a spread will be tested via the message board.
7.  Winners will be announced and prizes awarded no later than 2 weeks after the voting ends.

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