Finding Love Spread

The Finding Love Spread is an in-depth thirteen card spread to help you identify the internal and external areas of focus in order to bring true, deep love into your life. Rather than focusing on whether or not you will meet someone, this reading explores what you can do on a personal level to encourage love and rewarding relationships into your life.

The Layout

Your Internal Self

Card One

What has been holding you back from finding love

Card Two

How can you overcome any issues expressed in the first card

Card Three

How you have been receiving love

Card Four

How you have been giving love

Card Five

What areas you still need to work on to give and receive love

Card Six

What areas aid you in giving and receiving love

Card Seven

What is your untapped resource that will assist you in finding love

Your External Self

Card Eight

How do others perceive you in relationships

Card Nine

What aspects of yourself do you need to emphasise to others when pursuing a relationship

Card Ten

What aspects of yourself do you need to de-emphasise to others when pursuing a relationship

Card Eleven

Who would be the right person for you

Card Twelve

What is the most positive thing you can do in the next three months to find your partner

Card Thirteen

The outcome in twelve months

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