How to Create Spreads

There are many spreads we can choose from to do a reading, but sometimes we may want to create one of our own, either for one particular reading or to be used repeatedly for a general type of reading. There are various reasons for creating a Tarot spread. Perhaps the querent, topic, or question for a reading has specific needs that call for an individualized spread. Maybe we want a spread that suits our own distinctive style of reading Tarot cards or one that satisfies our individual philosophical outlook. Of course, there is also great personal value in using a spread whose meaning springs from our own mind and soul and in which we have invested our own energy. What follows is an easy technique for creating a Tarot spreads.

Sometimes a specific problem calls for a specially designed spread. One way to create such a spread is to begin by discussing the problem with the querent in order to find out what issues make up that situation. Next, define card positions for the spread based on the issues or questions that resulted from your discussion. Once the list of card positions is deceided on, see if you can find a meaningful pattern for the cards