The Relationship Spread

The Relationship Spread is an in-depth fifteen card spread essential for providing insight and guidance into any relationship, especially where you and the other person are connected with love and/or desire.

The Layout

Card One

What you are bringing into the relationship.

Card Two

Where you are now, in relation to the other person.

Card Three

What you are hoping to get from the relationship.

Card Four

What the other person is bringing into their relationship with you.

Card Five

What they are getting out of it.

Card Six

What they are hoping to achieve and experience with you.

Card Seven

How you see the other person.

Card Eight

How they see you.

Card Nine

Obstacles in your path.

Card Ten

Obstacles in the other person's path.

Card Eleven

Your own anxieties and unconcsious fears.

Card Twelve

The other person's anxieties and unconcsious fears.

Card Thirteen

External influences upon you.

Card Fourteen

External influences upon the other person.

Card Fifteen

Where the relationship will go.

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